Friday 9th August 2019


Civil Works to Roundabout, Staff Carpark & Visitor Carpark

On Monday 12th August the upgrade to our driveway, roundabout and top carparks begins!! This is a Ministry of Education roll growth improvement project we have been planning for over the last year.

We apologise for the short notice but the go-ahead was only given to Nadine Philipps (BOT Member) and I yesterday. The project will involve:

  1. Blocking off all access to the school via the roundabout and 2 top carparks (cones will be in place).
  2. All cars must only park in the bottom “Little Bush Road” carpark.
  3. Buses will be as diverted to the top visitors carpark to turn until further notice.

Monday will enable us to plan fully how this will be managed for the next 6 weeks. All details will be in the newsletter but prepare for:

  1. Less parking.
  2. Perhaps staggered pick up times.

Please be patient “short term pain will result in a long term gain”.

All questions must only be addressed to myself, not the contractors.

Thank you,

Gillian Bray