Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Message from Nadine Phillips, Board Chair:

“The Board of Trustees held a scheduled meeting on 17th March, and naturally the Covid-19 outbreak was discussed.  We fully support our Principal’s communication to our school community.  We are confident the school is following official Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health advice, and will continue to do so.

As everyone is aware, this is a rapidly evolving situation.  Please be assured that all planned extra-curricular activities and events will continue to be risk assessed before proceeding.  Our Principal will continue to keep the school community updated, and will promptly advise any changes.

The school is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for our children.  We will continue with ‘business as usual’ as much as practicable, as changes to routine can create additional anxiety.

Thank you for your support and understanding.”


To keep you all up to date: 

News of Covid-19 and measures for schools to take are changing day to day. There has been discussion around school closures. As a school, we understand the need to be prepared for possible school closures in the future and are working on a robust plan to support families in the event that our school should close for a period. 

This plan will take effect should the whole school close. If you choose to keep your child home prior to this decision being made, please realise that to ask your child’s teacher for a programme of learning is a big ask, and not something we expect them to accommodate. 

All teams have already listed online sites to help with learning and the juniors have a list of extra ideas in their home sharing book.

School however remains open for all children to attend. This is the current status as advised by the Ministry of Education.

We are emphasising every day:  

  1. Washing hands.
  2. Bringing their own water bottle.
  3. Not leaving food anywhere and putting lunch boxes away.

As I have spoken and shared with you before, the information from the Ministry of Education is frequent (almost daily now) it is very up-to-date, clear and useful, please be  assured there are no secrets.

“As a region The Ministry of Education (MOE) and Regional Public Health have established protocols on what happens with a confirmed case.   

The Medical Officer of Health is the decision authority and we work closely with them to actively support the school, should a confirmed case occur and involves students.” 

Thank you for working with us.  Have a good weekend everyone, keep safe and healthy. 


Gillian Bray