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2018 sees the introduction of a different Athon – a Bike-a-thon!!! All children will be participating on Friday 18 May in a challenge using either a school bike or their own, on the school bike track and seeing how many laps they can do in a certain time frame. Obviously, the time frame will change depending on what age the child is.

To prepare, the children can ride the school bikes during break times. If possible, the children should ride after school and during the weekends in order to be well prepared for an excellent Bike-a-thon effort.

We are doing the Bike-a-thon in conjunction with “Pink Shirt Day”. This is a day that celebrates diversity and supports schools to prevent bullying and to also be a safe place for all students. Our Community Constable Bryan is an ambassador for this day and he will begin his day at our school with some other policemen to raise awareness for this cause. There are a variety of prizes on display in the school office and FOWS will be selling food and drink. This will be such a fun day!

On completion of the Bike-a-thon, your child can record the number of laps they have completed on their sponsorship form and begin collecting their money. All money and sponsorship forms must be returned to school by Friday 15 June to be in for a chance of a prize at the end of term Awards Assembly.

The Bike-a-thon prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

1. All children with 6 sponsors or more are in the draw to win a Bike – random draw.
2. Most money raised – one winner.
3. Most sponsors – one winner.
4. Takahe team spot prize (must have 3 sponsors) – random draw.
5. Kiwi team spot prize (must have 3 sponsors) – random draw.
6. Tui team spot prize (must have 3 sponsors) – random draw.
7. Pukeko team spot prize (must have 3 sponsors) – random draw.
8. Whole school spot prize (must have 3 sponsors) – random draw.

All children who participate in the Bike-a-thon will also receive a special token worth 50 tokens for their house, plus 1 token for each lap they complete. All tokens will be collected and the winning House will earn a reward for themselves.

Please get as many family, friends and neighbours involved in sponsorship. Make it fun! The money raised from the Bike-a-thon will be spent on improving our school’s outdoor environment.

The time table for the day:Pink Shirt Day and Bikeathon Timetable 2018


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