Wainui School Newsletter No.17 – 12th June 2018

Wainui School Newsletter No.17 – 12th June 2018


Kia ora Koutou,

This week we have planned to celebrate Matariki.

In the Māori language, Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising in late May or early June. This is a marker for the beginning of the new year. In 2018, Matariki begins on 15th June.

Each year we have had a focus depending on the school theme and the area of Te Reo, Tikanga we wish to enhance, introduce or build upon. This year we have a focus on joining together in performance and celebration. Over the last years we have had the expertise of Whaea Lee-Anne Wade working with our kapa haka group, strengthening this group and bringing them to performance level. Last year and again this year we are focusing on all the classes having the expertise and the cultural input of Whaea Lee-Anne to bring waiata and performance to each team.

The week will culminate on Friday with a performance from all the children in their teams, a powhiri for Orewa College kapa haka, a performance by the Orewa College’s kapa haka and a performance by our kapa haka.

This will be a real celebration to mark the beginning of the Maori New Year. We invite all parents to this morning. It will be followed by a special morning tea and then we invite all parents of Maori children and all other parents to a special Korero at 11.30am to discuss:

  • Achievement for Maori students at Wainui School.
  • Achievement trends for Maori students nationally.
  • Well-being for our Maori students.
  • The self-review we as teachers have begun for Wainui School around the Te Reo Curriculum.
  • Anything else we would like to bring up around this area.

Timeframe Friday Morning:

10.00am Powhiri by Wainui School kapa haka for Orewa College kapa haka.

Performance by Orewa College kapa haka.

10.30am Performances from all Wainui School teams and kapa haka.

11.00am Special morning tea for visitors and parents of kapa haka and all wishing to participate in the Korero – Maori consultation.

This discussion and review is an annual requirement for us as a Board of Trustees. We have found this time of year works for us as with Matariki, we really focus on this area can make the time specifically for this part of the curriculum and this aspect in our school.


BOT Meeting – Is on Tuesday 12th June at 6.30pm. All parents are always invited, you do not however have a voice at this meeting unless prearranged.

FOWS Meeting – Is on Wednesday 13th June at 7.00pm. Our wonderful parent group are really helping with the fundraising to make a difference to what we can do for our children!! Come and join this group, they have fun as well!!

Lunches – This Friday is the last day for our current “Friday lunches”, thanks to Sarah Becker for all her hard work with the school lunches. Sarah will still be with us in a catering role.

Munchbox is a new healthy online lunch delivery service offered to children at Wainui School from 11th June. Munchbox is designed to make your life easier; simply order online and have a healthy and tasty Munchbox delivered to your child, Monday-Friday. Our wholesome ‘Munchboxes’ not only care for the health of your children but also for the environment, folding down easily to be either composted or recycled at home. Munchboxes cost $8 for a single day or $35 for five days (Monday through Friday). Please check out www.munchbox.nz for more information and how to place orders. Any queries please contact Munchbox directly at hello@munchbox.nz www.munchbox.nz https://www.facebook.com/www.munchbox.nz/

Bike-a-thon – Last week to send in your money for the Bike-a-thon. Thank you to everyone who has already done so. Already some people have been so amazing in what they have been able to raise. The prize draw will be at the assembly on 22nd June. This will be a very exciting time!

Japanese Students Homestay: Thank you to the families who have offered to host a student in term 3. We would still love some more. We need at least 15 more!! This has been a valuable experience for many families in the past. Please come and see Mel in the office if you can help. If you need another pack with all the details Mel can find you one. The students from Hatsushiba Ritsumeikan always love coming to us. The students love experiencing our way of life, the simple things. You do not need to become a tour guide. Walking along the beach, feeding your animals, all are new experiences for them. If you were a host family last year, haven’t moved house or don’t have additional adults living with you, you won’t need to have an inspection or be police vetted again. We will have a meeting on Wednesday 4th July at 3.15pm with the coordinators from the New Zealand agent ‘World Class’ for host families to come and find out about hosting a Japanese student and ask questions.


Paid Union Meeting all teachers Tuesday 19th June – This is the second meeting this year and as I am sure you are aware the teachers are all in discussions/negotiations with the Government re pay rates, a pay rise and conditions. Currently there is an offer on the table, this is one of the main issues to be discussed. All teachers are meeting during the school day around the country at various meeting venues. Our teachers are meeting in Albany. It is a part of their legal collective contract.

There will be a skeleton staff left on site including myself (Principals are a part of a different collective contract and will be meeting later in the term). School will still be open but if you can please pick your child up at the end of the morning session 1pm, we would greatly appreciate this.

Teachers will send an email to verify and you can let your teacher know if this will be possible.


Next week Tui team will go to their annual camp!! – Miss Goodyer has found a new venue “Carey Park” in the Henderson Valley, (incidently was one of the camps I took children to in my earlier days of teaching). It is in a bush setting with a fabulous river running through that the students use for various activities. I wish all the campers a wonderful week. Thank you to Miss Goodyer for all your preparation and thank you to every parent who has volunteered to go. We are so very fortunate, we always have plenty of camp parent help (many schools do not have this luxury anymore).

Have a wonderful time!!

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


Hoodies – The last day to place your Hoodie order is this Friday 15th June. Please come to the office to fill out the order form if you would like one.

CatchIT Pest Management Programme – Last year in conjunction with the Schools Programme, The Forest Bridge Trust ran an afterschool workshop for parents. At the end of this workshop there was an opportunity for the parents to take home the larger possum and Timms traps. Many will have put them to good effect! However we realise that some of these parents may no longer be trapping, so it makes sense to get those traps back to re-use for others in the community. If you have one of these traps and are no longer needing it, please bring back to school and The Forest Bridge Trust will collect them for re-distribution. Thank you.


Remember to email your sports results to Miss Ludwig in the office, exo@wainui.school.nz 


Wainui Yr 3/4 Boys vs Torbay Turf Warriors. Won: 5 – 0. POD: Sunny Odedra.

Wainui Blue Yr 5/6 Girls vs Bayfield Blue. Won: 5 – 2. POD: Charlotte Robinson.

Wainui Yr 5/6 Boys vs St Johns. Draw: 3 – 3. POD: Vinnie Holmes.

Wainui Blue Yr 7/8 vs Westminster Christian Knights. Won 3 – 2. POD: Julia Buchajczyk.

Wainui Black Yr 7/8 vs Ponsonby Intermediate. Won: 14 – 0. POD: Rita Straka.


Wainui Stars Yr 2 vs St Josephs Hot Shots. Won: 6 – 1. POD: Emilie Kerr.

Wainui Jets Yr 3 vs St Johns Blossoms. Draw: 1 – 1. POD: Meika Pope Smith.

Wainui Gems Yr 3 vs St Johns. Won: 5 – 1. POD: Pearl Glasgow.

Wainui Comets Yr 4 vs BBS Rockets. Won: 5 – 2. POD: McKayla McMaster. Sportsmanship Award: Ava Elliott and Mackenzie Allen.

Wainui Rockets Yr 5 vs Oteha Shooting Stars. Won: 18 – 0. POD: Talia Minton.

31/05/18:  Wainui 8/1 vs Belmont 8/1. Lost: 29 – 12.  POD: Paris Headford.

07/06/18:  Wainui 8/1 vs Waiheke 8/1. Lost: 23 – 8.  POD: Maddi Ditchburn.


Wainui Heat Yr 6 vs Whangaparaoa Bolts. Won: 25 – 0.  POD: Vinnie Holmes.


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Relational”.

  • Kauri: Charli Bunce, Seth Mothersole.  Writing: Chalise Tolhopf.
  • Kahikatea: Grayce Brothers, Ruby Hamilton-Dowling.  Writing: Conner Southwick.
  • Rimu: Serenity Harris Hatley, Zoe Heaton.  Writing: Ashton Becker-Crawford.
  • Matai: Shakya Manarangi-Clough, Corey Mothersole.  Writing: Katie McLiver.
  • Totara: James Wallace-Pram, Abby Wenzlick.  Writing: Lucas Keller.
  • Nikau: George de Leeuw, Keira Sams.  Writing: Riana Bouzaid.
  • Kowhai: Zahara Patterson, Alex Tucker.  Writing: Yena Bang.
  • Kohekohe: Melia Meissenheimer, Sunny Odedra.  Writing: Zali Cooke.
  • Pukatea: Emily Gray, Sterling Purdie.  Writing: Reece McDermid-Venter.
  • Rata: Charlotte Adlam, Connor Kerr.  Writing: Ella Brea Wells-Lakeland.
  • Karaka: Flynn Dixon, Arno Potgieter.  Writing: Arno Potgieter.
  • Puriri Rua: Charlotte Gooding, Kyron Sams.  Writing: Hunter Olliff.
  • Puriri: Isla Mexted, Stella Robertson.  Writing: Georgina Coupe.

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Millie Dunn (Puriri), William Hewitt (Puriri Rua), Kobi Cooke (Karaka), Pippa Heaton (Rata) and Beau Olliff (Pukatea).


  • Monday 11th – Friday 15th June – Matariki Week.
  • Tuesday 12th June – Board of Trustees Meeting – 6.30pm.
  • Wednesday 13th June – ICAS Spelling.
  • Wednesday 13th June – Yr 5/6 Camp Parents Info Evening – 6pm.
  • Wednesday 13th June – FOWs Meeting – 7pm.
  • Thursday 14th June – ICAS Writing.
  • Friday 15th June – Powhiri, morning tea and korero.
  • Friday 15th June – Bike-a-thon Sponsorship Money Due In.
  • Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th June – Year 5/6 Camp.
  • Friday 22nd June – Bike-a-thon Awards Assembly and Tui Assembly – 9.15am.


Scholarship Alert:

The Wentworth Collee Trust Board is pleased to offer a small number of Entrance Scholarships for students wishing to enter Wentworth as Year 9 students in 2019.

Scholarships are for fee assistance ranging in value up to 50% off the annual tuition fees.

Scholarships are based on a mix of academic, cultural and sporting excellence, with scholarship examinations taking place on Wednesday, 27th June.

To request an information pack, please contact Gail Clews on (09)424-3273 or by email at gclews@wentworth.school.nz.

The Artisan Workshops

Permaculture – Sat 30th June, 10-4, $90.00.

Perma what?  Permaculture isn’t just organic gardening, it is a totally integrated design system modelled on nature as a way

of living harmoniously on this gorgeous planet:) Suitable for both urban dwellers and

How to prune your fruit trees
 – Sat 28th July, 1-4 pm, $45.00lifestyle blockers – soup, home baking and great coffee included:)

Fix the problem of fruit trees that just look at you blankly and unapologetically. With coffee and baking of course:)

To book, go to www.theartisanworkshops.co.nz/message on Fb/027 234 3242

Mud Monster Mud Rush – Registrations are OPEN! Harbour Sport are once again very excited to be hosting the Mud Monster Mud Rush at Massey University on the weekend of September 8th and 9th.

The Mud Monster Mud Rush is a 2.5km muddy obstacle course for families and friends. It is bound to be a fun-filled muddy day! Click here to register for the event.

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