Wainui School Newsletter No.39 – 14th December 2017

Wainui School Newsletter No.39 – 14th December 2017


Kia ora Koutou,

It is hard to believe the last few days of the year are upon us!! I want to start by thanking each and every one of you for working in partnership with us throughout the year. First and foremost to enable your child to make progress in their learning and achievement. Secondly for ensuring their journey throughout 2017 at school was a happy, safe, and supported with attendance at performances, learning conversations, sports practices or being a camp parent or classroom helper, the list is endless. As you make the last school lunch for the year, listen to the last reader, give yourselves a pat on the back and congratulate yourself for everything you have done!! The year is now over and we can all have a break from routine. The teachers all thank you for the wonderful support, it is one of the reasons we all love to be at Wainui School. The families and community contribute to our role being so rewarding. We wish you a very happy festive season.

Congratulations – Mr Irvine, Miss Stevenson and Miss Jenkins for a wonderful Graduation night!! Thank you to every parent that came and helped transform the school hall, it looked amazing! “Winter Wonderland” was the theme Miss Stevenson once again used her talents and creativity to create the most stunning environment. Mr Irvine ensured all graduating students were recognized and our families that are leaving us were farewelled. It is a special time of celebration but also a sad time as we have to farewell families that have been with us for up to 15 years!! These are the families we say farewell to who have been here since their children were 5 years old, Bracken, Noyes, Riddle, Roe and Wicks.


Late Newsletter!! – We apologise! I thought I had sent the information to Miss Ludwig and we just have struggled to meet the deadline of the newsletter this week. My apologies to you all.

Chicken Pox – In the last two weeks we have been hit by this highly contagious viral infection that causes an acute fever and blistered rash, mainly in children. There are some good points to having chicken pox as once a person has had the chickenpox infection, it is unlikely he or she will get it again, as it confers lifelong immunity. (Much to my relief as I had chickenpox as a child!!) It has been prolific in the year 3-4 area of the school but it is staring to occur in other areas of the school. A person with chicken pox is contagious 1–2 days before the rash appears and until all the blisters have formed scabs. This may take between 5-10 days. I really do hope everyone has recovered by Christmas!!

Swimming Pool – Unfortunately our school pool has had a few problems, the Chlorinator is not working meaning the chlorine is not at the right level. We are now pleased to say this is fixed and we are sure it will be working over the last few days.

School Pool keys will be available from the office for the holidays for $60.00. We will inform you in an email once you have bought the key when the pool is open for use. The other issue we have is a very low supply of water, which will affect the operation of the school pool in the future if we do not have some rain.

Christmas in the Country – Another wonderful evening was had by us all, it does feel as if Christmas is almost here. Huge thank you to the teachers and support staff for serving the food, leading the programme, running the raffle and ensuring the night went smoothly. Thank you to the FOWS for organising all the food, drinks, ice-creams, strawberries and the raffle. Lovely to see you all relaxing as a community and very special to see so many past students return.


Prizegiving Thursday 14th December – Our most formal celebration of the year, we celebrate together those who have earned the academic, values, sports, and the arts achievement. We will present the South Kaipara SchoolsGroup Day Cups, and the cups and trophies for the senior students. Please remember the teachers spend a lot of time and thought in choosing the winners. For every child that receives the top awards there are always a good few very closely behind, it is very difficult making these choices. Prizegiving starts at 1.30 pm, we know it will be a squeeze to fit everyone in but we want you all to come!!

Farewell Assembly Friday (Last Day) 15th December, 10.15 – 10.45am we will be farewelling Mrs Berghan who is retiring from teaching, Mrs. Millar who is taking refreshment leave in 2018, Miss Revell taking maternity leave, the year 8’s Annalise Becker, Taine Bracken, Jessie Brothers, Zac Browne Hale, Anna Christian, Wyatt Faber, Taylor Godfrey, Madi Goodger, Sam Gradowski-Smith, Henk Greening, Aiden Grieve, Ezekiel Kerr, Alexis Lowe, Zach Noyes, Brianna Phillips, Keane Rechsteiner, Amy Riddle, Neve Roe, Nevaeh Searle-Tulevihi, Haruka Seino, Emma Smith, Zac Sowerby-Venimore, Mackenzie Suckling, Hennie Van Heerden, Katie Wicks, Lloyden Wicks, Izzy Wilson who all leave us for college. Grayce Brothers, Troy Etherton, Jordan Davies, Jake Glasgow, Lehi Greening, Tobey Hooper-Nichols, Presyus Searle-Tulevihi, Jade Smidt, Kalani Stoker, Abigail Van Heerden who are leaving us for college or a new school.


Teachers for 2018 – We have some changes in the make up of our staff and welcome back Mrs Hertzke to the Junior School!!

Year 8 Mr Irvine Kauri
Year 7 Miss Jenkins Kahikatea
Year 5&6 Miss Goodyer Matai
Miss Stevenson Totara
Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Morris Rimu
Year 3&4 Miss Tarpey Kowhai
Miss Ross Kohekohe
Miss Taylor Nikau
Year 2 Mrs Howard Rata
         2 Mrs Richards Pukatea
         1&2 Mrs Hertzke Karaka
         New Entrants & 1 Mrs Collins Puriri
SENCO/ Assistant Principal Mrs Taylor


After you have had fun on the farm, at the beach or with grandma and grandad and start thinking of returning to school, a few thoughts and some exciting news to let you know. The Ministry of Education have granted us the funds to build a classroom block over the next 2-3 years!! The site will be in the staff carpark. The staff carpark will be moved and the grounds remodeled to accommodate this. This will enable us to cope with continued roll growth. Secondly, the junior toilets are to be refurbished into 3 unisex toilets over the holidays and all going well will be completed by the time we all return.

The office will be open from 11.00am on the 31st January 2018, school starts on Thursday 1st February 2018.

Feliz Navidad

Joyeux Noël!

Fröhliche Weihnachten!

Merii Kurisumasu!

Merry Christmas!!

Gillian Bray


Touch Rugby
Wainui Raiders Yr 1/2 made it to the final against Silverdale Tigers. These guys put us such an awesome effort all season and I am so proud of the way they have conducted themselves. Unfortunately we didn’t quite win the final but came away with second place. POD went to Amy Lowe, MVP (Most Valued Player) to Carter Wright and MIP (Most Improved Player) to Beau Olliff. Well done guys. Hope to see you all again next year!!  Coach.
Graduation Photographer – Thank you to Nick Hakaraia who did all the photography at the Year 8s Graduation on Monday night. He also does Wedding photography, see Nick’s website: www.nickhakaraiaphotography.com or look up his Facebook page: Nick Hakaraia Photography.
School Family – Require a babysitter or lady to do some regular daytime babysitting at a good hourly rate, $10 an hr cash, or can be discussed. Please contact 021 781 131.


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Resourceful”.

  • Kauri: Mackenzie Suckling, Annalise Becker. Writing: Amy Riddle.
  • Kahikatea: Ethan Garside, Briar-Rose Stevenson. Writing: Kalani Stoker.
  • Miro: Benjamin Baker, Ethan McBride. Writing: Jakob Kerr.
  • Rimu: Shakya Manarangi-Clough, Ollie Steen. Writing: Presyus Searle-Tulevihi.
  • Matai: Kate Frantzen, Tara Phillips.  Writing: Stacia Pelser.
  • Totara: Kaleisha Iremonger, James Wallace-Pram. Writing: Phoebe Walker.
  • Nikau: Alex Colborn, Lennox Watson.  Writing: Ziv Adiv-Blanario.
  • Kowhai: Johnny Blais-Smith, Zahara Patterson.  Writing: Olly Smith.
  • Kohekohe: Melia Meissenheimer, Tony Zhao.  Writing: Harper Laurie.
  • Pukatea: Nikolai Pelser, Ella Brea Wells-Lakeland.  Writing: Connor Kerr.
  • Karaka: Mikayla Houghton, Carlow Murtagh.  Writing: Hamish Fincham.
  • Puriri: Mackenzie King, Noah Ouzoun. Writing: Noah Peters.

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Paris Headford (Kahikatea), and Katie Wicks (Kauri).


  • Thursday 14th December – Prizegiving – 1.30pm.
  • Friday 15th December – Farewell Assembly.
  • Friday 15th December – Last Day of Term 4 – Finishing at 1pm, buses will run at that time.
  • Thursday 1st February – First Day of Term 1 for 2018.


Thinking Caps – Get your child back into “learning mode” in January with Thinking Caps. Week one 9th, 10th, 11th week two 16th, 17th, 18th week three 23rd, 24th, 25th January.  Year 3 and 4 – 9.30am, Year 5 and 6 – 10.30am, Year 7 and 8 – 11.30am.  Maths and Writing/ Spelling Whangaparaoa and Maths only at Browns Bay. $38 per lesson – discount if you book 9 sessions.  Email: carolyn@thinkingcaps.co.nz
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