If you are wanting to order a chick this year, the orders need to be placed by July 29th (next Monday) with the chicks being delivered to school on August 13th. Orders to: exo@wainui.school.nz

Chicks are $6.00 each.

For those of you at the assembly on the last Friday of Term 2, we had an entertaining time witnessing Nikki Browne’s 3 kid goats on the stage. Two of the three  managed to “do their business” on the stage and the children all though this was hilarious!!! Thank you to Nikki Browne and her 3 children – Ty, Bella and Harry, for sharing their thoughts about rearing kid goats and being involved with an animal for Ag Day.

I’m sure many of you will have your Ag day animals already but you have until 15th September (this is the last date for them to be born) to get your kid goat or lamb for this year.  There will be NO calves again this year.