Monday 18th March 2019

Dear Parents and Caregivers

As a staff and Board we have addressed the need to acknowledge the atrocities of Christchurch on Friday. The Ministry of Education have also been supporting not only Christchurch schools but all New Zealand schools with traumatic incident support that includes extra staff and/ or written information on help and support.

This morning as a school we acknowledged the sadness in Christchurch with all children and staff at our usual Monday assembly. Our values (the 5R’s) were used as the focus. We began by singing the National Anthem and followed this with one minute’s silence. To assure you all, we have not described the incident or even the fact that many people were killed as we are acutely aware of our younger children. Our focus has been on Respect, Care and Safety. We know some children will have questions, this is okay to discuss one to one with their teacher. We assured the students they are safe at school, myself and all the teachers are here to ensure every student here is safe, together with the Community Constable. We will be practising our Lockdown procedures over the next few weeks.

Year 5-8 students – Internet and Device Use

I am very aware that violent images are on-line and may be circulating. Vigilance has been discussed with teachers to ensure that no student is on-line without a teacher being present. All students in this age group are aware of this increased vigilance. Our network has a very strong filter to stop unwanted images.

Phones – for the next few weeks all student phones brought to school must be handed in to their teachers. We would prefer they are left at home unless it is the device they are using.

Lastly, I have attached the Ministry of Education guidelines which were sent out to all Principals yesterday. I find it heartening at the level of support and care there is nationwide. MOE – Tips for Parents and Educators

Wainui School is going to participate in the Paper Doll project. Here is the link. Paper Doll Project

Please do not hesitate to ask questions, if you wish for more clarification or you need more support for your child/ children.

Kia kaha

Gillian Bray

Our flag is flying at half-mast in respect for Christchurch.