This week we have moved into Level 3. This means the school is open to those that need to come.

All children will still continue with the online learning programmes set by their teacher whether they are at home or attend physically school.

At school children are placed into bubbles of no more than 10 children – there are two teachers attached to the bubbles but usually only one teacher with the group unless that teacher is with their class for their ZOOM/Google meet programme.

The teachers at school are Mr. Irvine, Mrs. Taylor, with Bubble two. Mrs. Hill and Ms. Jackson with Bubble one, myself, and Mr. Lee the caretaker. Everyone else is still working from home!!!

We have worked through the requirements from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and have these outlined in our newsletters and in A Covid 19 Worksafe Plan, I have attached a link to if you wish to view.

Wainui schoolWSNZ_3741-Covid-19-Pandemic-Form

As much as possible we have increased the use of hand sanitizer and washing our hands plus disinfecting the door handles very regularly to throughout the day. Hygiene is the biggest way of combatting this disease.

As is the usual way if you have any questions, are worried about engagement of your child in the distance learning, need support please contact first the cl; classroom teacher.  We are here to help.

Continue to Keep safe so we can come out of these strange times.