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Wainui School’s Ag Day this year is on Friday 25 October 2019

Since the early 1950s, Ag Day, or more commonly known then as Calf Club Day, has been held annually at Wainui School. This day has various activities, both indoor and outdoor. 
Children raise a pet lamb or kid goat or a chicken to present in various categories. Ribbons are distributed at the conclusion of judging for each category.This day has always attracted our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and past pupils to this important community event. It is the biggest day for families!

It is part of the school curriculum and an official school day – probably the most fun day of the whole year for the kids! After all, a school day where you get to hang out with friends, eat, play and talk mum and dad into buying all kinds of cool stuff… what can be better than that?

Scroll down for updates about this year’s Ag Day.

Principal Sponsor

Simone du Bernard from Harcourts Cooper and Co is our Principal Sponsor for this event for 2019.

Ag Day Donations

Hi everyone, we’re in the process of gearing up for our eagerly anticipated, annual Ag Day.

Although the event is a little way off, planning is already well underway by a hardworking group of volunteers. There is however a way that you can help out now and over the upcoming weeks.

Please find below a list of weekly donations, that we would like you to make. Your very generous donations will then be used to make raffles, prizes, lolly bags, etc for our event. If you don’t have time to make a weekly donation, you’re more than welcome to make a $30 donation to the school and we will do the shopping on your behalf.







10 Weeks to Ag Day

19-23 August


Bag of lollies for prizes and raffles


9 Weeks to Ag Day

26-30 August

King size bar of chocolate for chucko-choc game

8 Weeks to Ag Day

2-6 September


Toys or other items to be used as prizes for the games


7 Weeks to Ag Day

9-13 September


Luxury grocery item for Raffle – please no expired items


6 Weeks to Ag Day

16-20 September

Toy for lucky dip wrapped and marked “B” for boy eg $2 shop toy


5 Weeks to Ag Day


23-27 September

Toy for lucky dip wrapped and marked “G” for girl eg $2 shop toy

School Holidays (Weeks 4 and 3) – If you haven’t donated yet, now would be a great time to get everything together to bring in the first week back!


2 Weeks to Ag Day


14-18 October

Grocery Item for Raffles – please no expired items

1 Week to Ag Day

21-25 October

A cake box will be sent home to each family to fill with homemade sweets, cakes or muffins or other baked goods to sell at our cake stall


Ag Day Documents

Please find below documents that should have all of the information that you need for Ag Day:

Ag Day Booklet

Ag Day Animal Registration Form

Ag Day Rules – Lambs and Goats

Preparing Your Animals for Ag Day – Lambs and Goats

Preparing Your Animals for Ag Day – Chickens

Kids Stalls Registration Form

Adults Stalls Registration Form

Ag Day Handout


Ag Day Updates

Update #7

I’m sure many of you will have your Ag day animals already but you have until 15th September (this is the last date for them to be born) to get your kid goat or lamb for this year.  There will be NO calves again this year.

Just a note for new families – children may only have ONE pet to care for. A lamb or kid goat or chick. The students will need to be with their pet when judging takes place on Ag Day.

For all children who don’t have an animal to care for, the expectation is that they have a Pet Egg which they create a habitat for. We have had many and varied habitats created over the years and it’s always amazing to see what the children come up with. The Pet Eggs in their habitats will be judged at school on Ag Day.

Ag Day booklets are available from the office.  These are full of information about rearing animals, classroom displays and what actually happens on Ag Day itself.

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