Kia ora Koutou,

Teacher Only Day was a day of two halves for us as a staff.  The first half was time for assessment improvement, learning to use our new tools to assess our students in preparation for our changes in reporting to you as parents. In the afternoon the teachers went to Orewa College to join the Kahui Ako ki Orewa cluster of schools; Orewa Primary, Silverdale School, Orewa Beach, Dairy Flat and Orewa College to “relaunch” the Kahui Ako ki Orewa. This involved all the teachers and principals of the schools being together formally introducing; myself and Cameron Lockie (Silverdale Principal)  as the co- leaders of the Kahui Ako ki Orewa with the four Across school leaders; Leanne Evans (Orewa College), Bridget O’Dea (Orewa Primary), Mark Ralston and Jackie Boyd (Silverdale Primary). The 20 Within School leaders were introduced, our Within School leaders are Leanne Stevenson and Sandy Blackburn. Together we are driving focus goals, building collaboration across the schools. I have linked the Kahui Ako ki Orewa website to this newsletter and we will update our school website to include this website for your information. Kahui Ako ki Orewa

All the support staff were also at school on Friday ensuring our school is supported by resource organisation, having time to focus on the library, the grounds, the lost property, the kitchen and the reading resources.


Camp at Shakespear Lodge, Shakespear Park – What a great success for everyone involved!! A huge thank you to teachers, Leanne Stevenson and Jason Irvine for your organisation and enthusiasm!!  A huge thank you to the parents that attended camp this year, camps cannot happen without you all taking time out of your busy lives to support and care at camp. Camp parents were; Nikki Browne, Pare Hape, Elise Louard, Tanya Hetherington, Mel Mayes, Melissa Scorringe, Lindsay Ledger, Matt Bartrom, Pete Adlam, John Keller, Colin Matthews, Jake Russell and Brent Robinson.  Thank you also to Barbara De Cort, Teacher Aide.

We have included a paragraph from some of the Year 8 girls, plus we will see and hear more at the next full school assembly next week. We can see lasting memories were made, students challenged themselves in new outdoor skills and so much fun was had at the annual camp concert!! Camps are getting harder for schools to have, with costs rising, health and safety procedures being even tighter, but undoubtedly they are still as much value as ever if you speak to the students and adults that participated!!!

Kia Ora, This is Talia Minton and Bella Browne Hale, two of your student councillors. At the start of week 5, the Year 7 & 8’s went to YMCA Shakespeare lodge as our camp for 2021. It was such an amazing time and since it was our last camp it made the moments so much more memorable. We did so many fun activities, like mountain boarding, which is basically like extreme skateboarding downhills. Another activity was raft building and to our surprise, our rafts actually floated! Some other activities were archery, bush cooking, UHF radios and climbing.

We also had delicious meals like nachos and spaghetti bolognese topped off with even better deserts like chocolate mousse with peaches. But we have to say, one of our favourite moments was the lip sync battle. Definitely ‘not’ because we won. But either way it was still a blast. The lip sync battle is when you get on stage and lip sync and dance to one of your favourite songs. Leaving the lodge made us quite sad as camp is such a fun experience. We both wish we could do it again. Anyway, that’s enough from us, ka kite ano!

Staff news – Mrs Blackburn will be on leave for the next two weeks to recover from her successful knee operation. We are fortunate to have Mrs Tracey Uhe who will be in Rimu’s class for the next two weeks, Mrs Uhe is usually one day a week in Miss Goodyer’s Year 5 & 6 class (Nikau).  Miss Goodyer will step in as Team Leader and be here for the full 2 weeks whilst Mrs Blackburn is on leave. Apart from “get well” messages, please do not contact Mrs Blackburn whilst she is recovering, please contact the current classroom teacher. If you are still unsure, the office or any management team member including myself can help you out.


Wai Factor Auditions are happening this week – Very exciting for all the participants!! Charlotte, Talia, Bella, Olly, and their friends in Year 8 are all organised and ready for this to start.

Hibiscus Coast interschool Football tournament Year 5 & 6 students – 4 teams from our Year 5 & 6 students will be playing in this tournament at Stanmore Bay HBC AFC on Thursday 10th June.  Mr Ng will be accompanying the teams who have been practicing at school.


Science Road Show is coming – The science roadshow will be visiting Wainui School next week, June 14th. 100 Year 5-8 students will attend this show. The Science Roadshow is a fun, exciting, and interactive learning experience of science for children. It includes live shows and hands-on exhibits that broaden students’ knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


This week will be a wet one, the long weekend was a wet one also. Do wear a named raincoat and gumboots, be careful when driving in the school gate, we are working on getting the speed reduced, but it is a slow process. Please be patient especially on pick up!  We will continue to all work together to keep our parking area and driveway as safe as we can.

Reporting To Parents – Our schoolwide mid-year and end of year report forms are undergoing a change this year.  For our mid- year report we are using the Progress and Consistency Tool (PaCT), to ensure that reports to parents on progress and achievement are clear and accurate. We will also be reporting on our school values and sharing a general comment on your child’s progress and attitude towards learning.  Over the next few newsletters we will be informing you of the changes to prepare you for the information you will receive.

About PaCT – PaCT has been developed by the Ministry of Education, to ensure schools are able to give accurate Overall Teacher Judgements (OTJ’s), about where your child is at according to our expectations for the New Zealand Curriculum.

In Primary Schools, we cover the first four levels of learning in the New Zealand Curriculum. We expect that each level of the New Zealand Curriculum will be achieved over two years. A Yr 1 & 2 pupil will be achieving at Level 1, a Yr 3 & 4 pupil will be achieving at Level 2, a Yr 5 & 6 pupil will be achieving at Level 3, a Yr 7 & 8 pupil will be achieving at Level 4.

You will receive three pages of information on your child’s current progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. At the top of each page there will be a simple statement that says your child is in a particular Year Group, what the expected New Zealand Curriculum Level for that Year Group is, and what Level your child is at.

The  progress graph will contain a blue bar that shows their PaCT Score, and the associated New Zealand Curriculum Level. As an example, you can see in this picture that the New Zealand Curriculum level this child is at is Level 3 (blue mark), we would expect a Yr 5 & 6 child to be achieving and working within this curriculum level.

Further information will be shared in next week’s newsletter.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 8th June – Thursday 10th June – Wai Factor auditions
  • Tuesday 15th June – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 15th June – Tuesday 16th June – Wai factor semi finals
  • Wednesday 16th June – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 18th June – Whole School Assembly – Takahe Team – 2.00pm
  • Thursday 24th June – Otago Problem Solving Challenge
  • Monday 28th June – Matariki Week
  • Friday 2nd July – Matariki Assembly and House Day
  • Saturday 3rd July – Quiz Night
  • Monday 5th July – Life Education Caravan Visit – All Week
  • Tuesday 6th July – Wai factor finals
  • Friday 9th July – Whole School Assembly – Kiwi Team – 2.00pm
  • Friday 9th July – End of Term 2


Wai Factor – Kia Ora my name is Charlotte Robinson and I am a student councillor. This year I will be running Wai Factor. Since I was in Year 1 I have always performed in Wai Factor and always aspired to lead Wai Factor so now that I have the chance to, I am going to try to make it more fun and exciting than ever. So this year I have put a GOLDEN BUZZER into Wai Factor! This means that if some kids are amazing or we see potential in them, the judges will give them a golden buzzer and they will skip the semi-finals and go straight to the finals. Or another way for making it to the finals is: you audition, get a high enough score to make it through to the semi-final, then the kid/kids perform again and try to get a high score to make it through to the finals. If the kid/kids make it to the finals they perform in front of the whole school! and they are competing for a chance to win two tickets to the new MADAGASCAR MUSICAL! (The kids are allowed to perform a new act if they make it through to the semi-finals) I hope everyone is ready and excited!!!

Ag Day 2021 – Friday 22nd October

Update # 1

This year, Wainui School will celebrate its annual tradition of Ag Day on Friday 22nd October. This day has become the biggest day for our families – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and past pupils are all welcomed to this important community event.  To enter an animal, the lamb, calf or kid goat must be born between 1st July and 15th September.  We are ordering the day old chicks again too (Brown Shavers).The chicks will be delivered to school after their August hatch date. Orders need to be given to the office before Friday 2nd July:

Chicks are $10.00 each.

Children raising a pet lamb, calf or kid goat to present in various categories is at the heart of Ag Day and ribbons are distributed at the conclusion of judging for each category.   Children with their animals who receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place ribbons are eligible to represent Wainui School at the South Kaipara Schools Group Day which is held at Helensville Showgrounds.   Group Day this year: Friday 5th November 2021

North Island Primary and Intermediate School Ski Championships – This Event is held at Whakapapa MT Ruapehu for 2 weeks.
Week 1 – Years 1-6 -Monday 30th August- Thursday 2nd September
Week 2- Years 7-8  Monday 13th September- Thursday 16th September
Please see link for more information.  Early Bird Entries close 26th June.  Parents will need to be available to manage a team.
Expressions of interest please email the Sports Coordinator -Mrs Halena Howard-

Quiz Night – Saturday 3rd July


email your sports results to Mrs Elliott in the office, 


Wainui Yr 8 vs  Northcross.  Won: 25-12.



Wainui Yr 5/6 Boys Basketball vs Dark Bombs.  Lost: 24-0.  MVP: Hamish Allen


Wentworth Scholarship Exams for Year 9 entrants in 2022 – Wentworth College is a small private school in Gulf Harbour.  We are now taking registrations for the scholarship examinations for Year 9 entrants in 2022.  The scholarship entrance examination will be held on Wednesday 30th June.  For more information, visit

Good as New Pre Loved Kids Winter Market

Saturday 12 June 

Orewa Community Center
9am – 12 noon.
45+ stalls selling quality 2nd hand kids Clothes, Toys, Furniture, and Accessories
Babies – Tweens, local and overseas brands.

Hibiscus Coast Football – We are inviting all girls aged 5 to 10 to come down and give football a go!  We are running a great afternoon full of fun, prize draws & plenty of snacks.  Metro Park, Millwater – Friday 18th June 2021 (5:00pm-6:30pm)
Come and join us.