Kia ora Koutou,

Haere Mai, a very “hot” welcome back to 2020!! The new decade, a new year for us all!! What a summer we have all had in New Zealand and it seems, it will continue! I trust everyone has had a wonderful break, are rested, relaxed and ready to return to routine.

A very special welcome to our new families.  We will welcome you all at a special Powhiri on Friday 7th February at 9.15am, see below for more details.

We are fortunate to have a pool and lots of shade, not only man made like decks, verandahs and shade sails, but lots of natural shade with the trees and bush. In case you didn’t know we also have air-conditioning / heat pumps in every classroom, and almost all teaching spaces plus the admin area and the hall. This was made possible over the years by the BOT and the MOE with our property grants.  We have an excellent environment to learn and teach in and cope with the heat but we have to be very careful with the water as I am sure you all know.  Our tanks are doing well, and we have enough water now, but if this dry weather continues things will get very tight.

Hats, Sunscreen and Approporiate Clothing – It is mandatory that every child wears a hat to shade the sun, in line with the school’s Sun Smart policy. The choice of hat is yours as a parent. We ask you to NAME the hat, please!! Any child without a hat will be asked to stay in the shade. Sunscreen is provided, but great to pop your own in the school bag.

Water is going to need to be conserved with this very dry and hot summer!!

Pool – Currently the pool is open for in school use only.  Swimming lessons start tomorrow. Mr Lee is hoping to get this sorted futher this week to enable the community to resume using the pool. We will inform you all straight away when this is able to happen, but we are also concerned at the levels of water.

Drinking Water – It would help if you could provide a bottle full of water each day.  A wonderful trick is to freeze the bottle over night if it is plastic and then it melts during the day but continues to be lovely and cold.

If any parent has contact with water carriers/ water providers – I would like to book some tank refills so please let me know.

Corona Virus – As I am sure you are all well aware this is having a significant impact at present. Wainui School were to host a group of Chinese students from Peking Elementary School, Beijing this February. (We hosted a group last year of their students). This was cancelled last week by the school first and then of course with the restrictions imposed by our Government and theirs.  The Ministry of Education have been updating Principals and Board Chairs almost daily as to the procedures for schools. If anyone has travelled to China over the holidays then I am sure you are well aware of the virus and the need to stay away from school for 14 days prior to your return. At this point there is no child or staff member this includes that we are aware of.

THIS WEEK – The First Week 

It is all about settling in, establishing routines both in and outside the classroom. The teachers and staff have all been preparing their classroom environments and programmes over the last few weeks. We also held a Staff Only Day yesterday with the full staff in attendance.  Systems, policy, procedure and programmes were all reviewed and discussed to ensure we are all ready for the new year.

The dates for the term and in fact the year are well in place so we can ensure “Every Day Matters” and you can be well informed as parents as to what is happening and how you can be involved / support your child or children. These will be on the website, on the school calendar, included in this newsletter and in team newsletters over the next few weeks.

2020 Staff

Very special welcome to new Teachers – Mr Keon Ng and Mrs Marinda Van Dyk.  Please make them feel welcome. Next week I will include a little blurb on our newest members of staff.

Teaching staff list 2020

Teaching Staff Kahui Ako Wainui School
Gillian Bray Principal
Jason Irvine Deputy Principal, Teacher Yr 8, and Team Leader Intermediate Area ( Yr 7 & 8)
Sandy Blackburn Across School Leader Assistant Principal, Teacher Yr 5 & 6, Team Leader  Yr 5 & 6
Wendy Taylor In School Leader Assistant Principal – SENCO
Lauren Jenkins Teacher Year 5 & 6  ( Part Time)
Leanne Stevenson In School Leader Teacher Yr 7
Alice Hill Team Leader Yr 1 & 2
Keon Ng Teacher Yr 5 & 6
Shelley Ross Teacher Yr 1 & 2
Pam Millar Team Leader Yr 3 & 4
Anna Collins Teacher – New Entrants / Yr 1
Avril Richards Teacher Yr 3 & 4
Halena Howard Teacher Yr 1 & 2
Kylie Allen Teacher – New Entrants / Yr 1
Marinda Van Dyk Teacher year 5 & 6
Marie Mahler Teacher Yr 3 & 4

Support Staff

Office: Mel Ludwig (Full time) Barbara De Cort and Kay Elliott (Part-Time)
Caretaker: Richard Lee
Teacher Aides: Barbara De Cort, Rachelle Alexander, Tanya Glover, Mel McDermid
Daily Volunteer New Entrant Classroom: Rosalind Minto


Powhiri – A welcome assembly Powhiri will be held on Friday 7th February at 9.15am followed by morning tea in the staffroom. All new families are invited to attend, and wait under the bus shelter to be called (Karanga) into the hall. We have 18 new children and their families and two teachers to welcome.

Procedures – It is the beginning of the year and we like to ensure we have all the correct details for everyone.  If you have moved house, changed phone numbers, have a new e-mail address or have different emergency contacts or new legal arrangements, please ensure this is all communicated to the office as soon as you can. We can update your details immediately.  We require everyone to provide an emergency contact person.  Please include their name, contact phone number of the person not living in the same household.  Please ensure you inform the school before 8:30 am if your child is going to be absent with the reason e.g. sick. The office staff will ring you if you haven’t contacted them by 9:00a.m. Thank you.


Leadership Interviews – Year 8 students will all be participating in their leadership interviews on Thursday 13th February. Our school philosophy is “leadership for everyone”!! Yes, some will become School Councillors, others House Leaders, then others will have leadership with library, bikes, sports, arts and whatever innovation is brought by the students. The interviews are held in front of all the Intermediate area and myself, Mr Irvine and a Board of Trustees member.

“Back to School Night” – This is for you to come and meet the teachers, hear from me as Principal and, hear and see the Board of Trustees and the FOWS (Friends of Wainui School). This year is Board of Trustees elections, please think about being a Board member, it is very rewarding. Please think about being a member of the FOWS again as this is also very rewarding and fun!! Our meeting night is less formal than we used to have.

Back to School Night – Programme and Expectations – Thursday, 13th February – 5 pm to 7 pm

5:00- 6:00 pm Classrooms open to View

(children to introduce their parents/caregivers to the teachers, routines & programme shared).

5:30 pm onwards BBQ All those without actual classes man BBQ

One sausage free per person – including you!!

Free Iceblock for every child who brings their parents!!

6:00 pm All staff, FOWS and BOT reps meet on the top deck, eastern side of Kahikatea.

Introductions small talks re whole school direction – principal, BOT chair, FOWS Chair

7:00 pm finish Thank you


Communication is key for us all, newsletters are now on-line.  You can subscribe to the newsletter on the website.

Website – Here you can subscribe to the newsletter and find out information about the school. There is a calendar and events to keep you well informed for 2020.

Team Newsletter – All teams have a newsletter, this will be sent out on Monday and will also be put onto the website.

Facebook Page – We have a school Facebook Page which we use a lot now for quick notices and information. We would love you to join us on this page, it is a managed page and therefore only we can post on it. We would love your comments and feedback though.

Email – you can email or call the classroom teacher, but please remember they will not be checking these forms of communication during teaching hours.

Belongings and Communication – Labeling helps us find the owner if belongings are left behind. We aim to keep lost property to a minimum, there is no big lost property box as we aim to have belongings returned.

School Donation and contributing towards some programmes and activities – The Board of Trustees are finalisng the communciations around amounts families need to contribute. As we are a Decile 9 school we did not qualify for the “Schools Donation Opting in scheme”. Decile 1-7 schools who did opt into the scheme receive $150.00 per pupil as we couldn’t opt into this scheme, the BOT will keep the status quo and the Board will finalise the information around this for next week’s newsletter.

School Gardener Wanted – Our wonderful gardener Mel Steen has cut her hours so we need a gardener for the school grounds for 5 hours a week.  Please contact the Principal for more information.

Thank You’s – We have many “amazing parents” but a special thank you to Chris Scott who has tidied up the leftover wood rings around the bush road carpark over the holidays and to Sarah Becker-Crawford and Jessie Jarvie for keeping the pool going over the holiday break.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nga mihi nui,

Gillian Bray

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 4th February – 1st day of Term 1 for 2020
  • Friday 7th February – Powhiri Welcome – 9.15am
  • Thursday 13th February – Meet the Teacher Evening – 5.00-7.00pm
  • Friday 14th February – Year 7 & 8 Beach Trip to Red Beach
  • Friday 21st February – Takahe Team Assembly – 9.15am
  • Friday 6th March – Pukeko Assembly – 9,15am
  • Friday 20th March – Kiwi Team Assembly – 9.15am
  • Friday 3rd April – Tui Team Assembly – 9.15am
  • Monday 6th April – BOT Meeting – 6.30pm
  • Thursday 9th April – Last Day of Term 1


Kelly Sports – We are offering a couple of different option this term in the forms of Dodgeball and End-Zone which is American Flag Football. I think it will be a great opportunity for the kids to try something a bit different.  All of this information and times and dates are attached.

Thinking Caps for Kids –  Are offering special programmes supporting the development of numeracy skills which can be accessed during school time, at school, on a cost basis.

What do Thinking Caps for Kids do?

  • Encourage and support children’s Maths
  • Fill the gaps in children’s learning
  • Give children the skills they need to explain their thinking in Maths
  • Use resources to help children see and understand essential concepts
  • Teach children in small groups targeting their ability level

How long are the lessons?

Each lesson is 45 minutes long.

When are the lessons?

Thursday mornings – Lessons take place during class time.

How do I get more information?

Thinking Caps for Kids have information on their website Or you can contact them directly on (09) 424 3536 or email