Kia Ora to you all,

As we approach “Mothers Day” this Sunday more than ever before, I am sure all of you as Mum’s will be reflecting on the changes over the last weeks. Most of us have done so much cooking, more than ever in our lives probably and we are all relieved the hairdressers will be able to go back to work at Level 2!! But as well I know many of you have enjoyed the gift of time, less rushing and being with your children.

I am fortunate to have both my parents alive and well and am, like many of you so looking forward to being able to see physically my own Mum in the near future as she lives in another region of New Zealand. Enjoy your day on Sunday, be proud of the contribution you have made to your family over lockdown!!

Moving Forward in COVID-19 to Level 2

The plans are now being made by the Ministry of Education and being sent to us as principals for the move to Level 2. On Monday 11th May there will be a clear mandate as to when we will be moving.  Currently we are planning and being given the information around what it will mean.  The first message from the Prime Minister yesterday was  “Use the play it safe principle, we must stay on guard as it is unlikely the country has hunted down every case of COVID”.  At Wainui School this is what we will continue to do, keep our processes strong and clear and support everyone to return to school safely.

Our message from our school is we will have a “New Normal”.  Some things we did before will not happen as much or will be done differently. With the children here at school, for example we have been using a different timetable, we don’t have a bell and we ensure children have lots of movement breaks on the bikes which has worked really well. This became our new normal for Level 3 operation.

We will create a “New Normal” for Level 2!!

A few things to start to talk about now.

  1. Communicate with the class teacher first, please.
  2. The teacher has been doing their very best to support learning and routine at home.  For some they have loved the independent online environment whilst for others it has been very challenging and not easy. Please let the teacher know how it has gone and if you are worried and need support, please let the teacher know.
  3. Remember everyone has been at home and for some it has been different, we will do our very best to support and make the transition back to school positive. 
  4. Let the teacher know what you will be doing when we ask if you will be coming back to school at Level 2 or not.
  5. Let the teacher know if there are any well being issues we need to help and support you with when we welcome you back.
  6. Safe and sensible hygiene practice.  This means washing hands – make sure you prepare your child for lots of hands washing and sanitising on return to school.  Good coughing and sneezing etiquette practiced at home will help, and it will be taught and reinforced at school again.

Parents, please if your child is sick, please keep them at home to ensure our environment remains free of all viruses.  Maintaining physical distance where possible is the biggest change for schools as there is no minimum requirement, it will mean staff and children will maintain a distance that is not breathing or touching each other. 

This challenge will be taught and expected at school. It is going to be harder for younger ones but we have experience now with a few at the moment and they are good at following directions and most of the time are very good at this. Please help prepare children at home.  Contact tracing is paramount – we must have correct contact phone numbers and addresses for all families, and both parents. 

Keeping track of people who enter our school is paramount. We will give you further details of what that will mean in terms of who can come onsite, and who can’t closer to the time when we have worked through as a staff the details e.g drop off, pick up etc.

I am confident our school environment is a healthy environment and I have attached the Certificate of  Sanitising from Clean as a Whistle. 

We know who everyone is and we can support and help people onsite to be healthy and safe.  There will be increased hand sanitiser onsite and there will also be increased cleaning of surfaces, door handles and keyboards that are shared.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back if everything goes to plan on Monday 18th May.

I have attached some photos of us gardening last Wednesday on our “Garden to Table” day.  Very easy to social distance in the garden with our wheelbarrows!!  Pippa and Seamus are weeding and planting rocket.

Keep sending in your photos!!  Happy Mothers Day to you all!!

Nga Mihi Nui