Talofa lava

This week is in fact Samoan Language week.  New Zealand is now officially a country of Five million people!!  Samoan is the largest of the Pacific ethnic groups in New Zealand (48.7%), followed by Cook Island Māori (20.9%), Tongan (20.4%), Niuean (8.1%) and Fijian (4.8%). Many schools in New Zealand are celebrating with their Pacifica population Samoan language. To those in our Wainui Community with Samoan connections, “Manuai le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa Che hoo!!” Happy Samoan Language week!!


Our team of parents has been amazing, that is you. Thank you for enabling us to be safe and keep to the advised procedures of COVID-19 Level 2. At times it is hard to remember we are still working in this environment as we feel so safe, but we have worked hard as a team to keep hygiene standards high, hand sanitising, hand washing, keeping safe distances, and dropping off the children, rather than coming into school.  Yesterday’s pick up was amazing!!  Often in the rain it is very hard, but yesterday was superb and we are all safely away by 3.15pm. Well done everyone.

Drop off is also very positive, thank you for just ‘dropping and going’.  As much as we love to see you all, it has helped us keep to the procedures and all your children seem very happy!! Well done everyone!!

Thank you for respecting this week our school hours of 9.00am – 3.00pm. It helps when everyone does, otherwise, our wonderful office team are the ones who meet the children at the pickup points.

Team Assemblies – We held our first assemblies in teams last Friday morning.  These were very successful, thank you to Mr Irvine for setting up the assemblies on ZOOM enabling parents with children receiving awards to connect in and we look forward to developing this technology.

Ricardo Hawken our Year 8 Leader is the official photographer, he has taken these photos below of the receivers of our Certificates.   Congratulations to all the certificate winners, it is wonderful to be able to celebrate in person our values and who we are.


Board of Trustees By-Election – The Wainui School Board of Trustees began the process in Term one of filling a vacancy on the Board.  With Covid-19 Lockdown this came to a holt.  We can now reopen this process.  We have three candidates that offered themselves by the date required in Term one to stand.  The three parent candidates are in alphabetical order:

  • Greg Bailey
  • Elise Louard
  • Chris Scott

These candidates have their “blurbs” and we will attach these to the voting papers.  The voting roll is on our parent / caregiver community, it is now closed (20th March 2020).  After the 20th March 2020, a supplementary roll is added that includes all parents / caregivers who have enrolled since 20th March 2020 until last Friday 22nd May 2020.  Voting papers and a blurb about each candidate will be given to each parent at drop off or pick up by a staff member by Friday 29th May 2020.

If you only send your children on the bus, please inform us and we will either post yours or you can arrange to collect from the school.  Election Day is Monday 8th June 2020 and voting closes at 12 noon.  You can, of course, drop the vote in earlier – we will have an accessible box in the drop off area.  The winner of the election will take office on Monday 15th June 2020.  Please take the time to vote, we are so fortunate to have 3 very able people standing.

Ricardo Hawken our Year 8 Leader is the official photographer, he has taken these photos below of the receivers of our Certificates.   Congratulations to all the certificate winners, it is wonderful to be able to celebrate in person our values and who we are.


Kelly Sports – This has started up again.  Kelly Sports are able to operate their programmes safely and run classes for our children after school, either outside if it is fine, or in the hall if it is raining.

Karate – This is starting back up this week at 3.30pm in our school hall.  It is taken by James Johnston.

Sushi – This is available to order for lunch on Wednesday and Thursdays.  A big thank you to Kirsty Lathan for getting this organised. Sushi can be ordered via KINDO online.

We felt it important to support our local businesses and get some things back in place.


Sports Teams and Practices – We know many of the children are looking forward to getting back to playing competitive sports. Mrs Hill has received information from the various sports groups and we would like to hold off practices on school grounds whilst we are still in the second week of Level 2 COVID-19 procedures.


This weekend is a long weekend, enjoy your family time!!

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


Ag Day 2020 – Friday 23rd October 2020 – Chickens – At this stage, the event will likely be happening but in uncertain times, there may be modifications to our regular day.  We have had an offer of brown shaver chicks from a local commercial free range hatchery.  All chicks are guaranteed females and vaccinated against Salmonella and Mareks disease.  The chicks would be ready for collection in August.  If you are interested in rearing chicks this year could you please let Mel Ludwig ( know including how many you would like to rear.

School Hoodies – We are placing an order for printed school hoodies (name on the back).  We do need a minimum of 10 to place an order.  Please e-mail the office with your child’s name, size and name printed on the back.  This can be first name, surname or nickname – you choose!

Child – Size 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 is $42.00.  If you want your name printed on the back it is an extra $6.00

Adult – Size S, M, L, XL is $46.00.  If you want your name printed on the back it is an extra $6.00.


These certificates were given to the children on the 20th March before Level 4 lockdown so we would like to acknowledge the following children.  These certificates are for “Resilience”

  • Puriri: Liam Ingleton, Elora Southern.
  • Puriri Rua: George Anderson, Austin Perry.
  • Karaka: Brody Kerr, Danika Skelton.
  • Rata: Karlo Baulcomb, Harry Grogan.
  • Pukatea:  Flynn Beckett-Crawford, Dylan Catchpole.
  • Kohekohe: Hamish Fincham, Tyler Robertson.
  • Kowhai: Nate Morgan, Summer Star.
  • Totara: Katelyn Burgess, Harlem Kockott.
  • Matai: Zahara Patterson, Dusty Pullen.
  • Rimu: Emily Coupe, Madie Gooding.
  • Kahikatea: Bella Browne-Hale, Olly Smith.
  • Kauri: Kate Flinn, Imogen Germain.

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Taylah Hadley (Puriri Rua), Indie Hawkins (Pukatea), Archer Olliff (Kohekohe) and William Hewitt (Kowhai).

At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Respect”.

  •  Puriri: James Gray, Nalia Searle-Pauli.
  •  Puriri Rua: Kayami Atkinson, Logan Marshall.
  •  Karaka: Alicia Bailey, Evie Drinkwater.
  •  Pukatea:  Leah Andrell, Jacob Todd.
  •  Kohekohe: Nina Keller, Jackson Mallon.
  •  Kowhai: William Hewitt, Eva Sparkes.
  •  Matai: Alyssa Linton, Marli Van Dyk.
  •  Rimu: Milly Dixon, Tyler Newman.
  •  Kahikatea: Isabelle Green, Phoebe Walker.
  •  Kauri: Daniel Bell, Mia Thomson.

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Olly Smith (Kahikatea) and Tara Phillips (Kauri).