Welcome to our Student Leaders Blog!
This blog site will be filled with posts about events, ideas and everything we do as leaders for our school. All our leadership teams will be adding their own posts.

Here is an introduction of our teams 2019:

Congratulations to you all!!

Student Councillors House Councillors
Maddy Ditchburn
Celeste Hamilton- Dowling
Ruby Hamilton – Dowling
Ty Brown Hale
D.J Harris Hatley
Bradyn Yacyshen
Julia Buchajczyk
Zoe Grey
Lloyd – Connor Southwick & Serena Wyers
Lamont – Jakob Kerr & Lexi Jones
Jacob – Grayce Brothers & Benjamin Baker 
Hutson – Ali Campbell & Daniel Phillips 
Bike Team 
 Communication Team
Cian O’Brien (Leader)
Cam Heaton  (support)
Connor Southwick (support)
Ethan McBride (support)Stephen O’Flaherty( support)
Matt Cator (Leader)
Ben Thorpe (support)
Johnny O’Flaherty (support)
Hanno Meissenheimer (support)
Gianni Tidswell (support)
Library Team  Sports Team
Evie Alexander (Leader)
Julia Buchajczyk (support)Serena Wyers (support)

Lexie Atkinson (support)

Micaela Bartrom (Leader)
Grayce Brothers (support)
Cam Heaton (support)
The Arts Team Enviro  Team
 Matthew Cator (  Leader)
  Jakob Kerr( Visual Arts leader)
Celeste Hamilton- Dowling( support)
Ruby Hamilton – Dowling (support)

Gabby Minton (support)

Leaxie Atkinson (Leader)
Serena Wyers ( Leader)