Friday 27th September 2019

Here is a list of some of the tasks for the Working Bee on the first Sunday back.

Please join us, the more parents that can come along, the more work will get done!! There will be a fab morning tea put on by the FOWS!!

  1. Spread gravel on Maturanga & path behind the pool.


  • Walker mower & cart
  • 2-4 people on shovels
  1. Mulch – Requires mulch from Dion.

3-4 people on barrows. Will need to repair the tires on 2 of the barrows.

Our rounded nose shovels have gone missing since spreading the playground mulch. So people may need to bring their own as it’s very slow using the flat-nosed shovels we have.

  1. 1-2 people cutting back flax.
  2. General edging/ weed-eating.
  3. Pool fence – Either replace metal panels or put up plywood for a mural.
  4. Gutters – Clearing and reconnecting low-level gutters. If we can get someone qualified in heights that would be ideal for higher roofs & they can possibly give me a refresher on the ropes.
  5. Build/ create New Sandpit – Prepping & framing up.
  6. Chicken yard – Install fence panels. We are sinking posts over the holidays, so will need to get fencing panels/wire in advance.
  7. Pines rounds in the carpark. Cut/ split/ stacked.
  8. Edging around Garden to Table with old slabs that have been donated.
  9. Replace damaged fence panels above Courts.


Wainui School