Thursday 26th March 2020.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

A final post from me to share a couple of important pieces of news:

1. Today we have closed the Wainui School grounds as per instructions from the Ministry of Education.

The school grounds will remain closed for the duration of the lockdown. The police and emergency services will keep an eye on all schools and work together to ensure our schools and public facilities stay safe too at this time.


2. School Holidays are now earlier starting on Monday 30th March and concluding on Tuesday 14th April.

Please ensure you have responded to your child’s teacher/s as regards online learning and communication for the future.

This will begin on Wednesday 15th April. it will continue to be simple but we hope helpful to keep routine and learning to progress. If you haven’t heard from the teacher please let me know and I can rectify this for you. It is time to rejig all our routines at home (I have set up my own home desk space today!). It is also time to be with family, talk, walk, play, cook, make things, build things, garden, farm, read, watch fun movies and above all stay safe and well.


3. The next post/ newsletter and information from the teacher will come in two weeks.

Take care, everyone, we look forward to seeing you all when this ends.

Gillian Bray