Name Class Website Year Class Team
Mrs Anna Collins New Entrant Rata  Pukeko Team
Mrs Kylie Allen New Entrant Rata  Pukeko Team
Mrs Halena Howard Year 1 Karaka  Pukeko Team
Miss Shelley Ross Year 2 Puriri  Pukeko Team
Mrs Alice Hill Year 2 Puriri Rua  Pukeko Team
Mrs Avril Richards Year 3 & 4 Pukatea  Kiwi team
Mrs Pam Millar Year 3 & 4 Kowhai  Kiwi Team
Mrs Marinda Van Dyk Year 5 & 6 Totara  Tui Team
Mr Keon Ng Year 5 & 6 Matai  Tui Team
Miss Lauren Jenkins Year 5 & 6 Rimu  Tui Team
Mrs Sandy Blackburn Year 5 & 6 Rimu  Tui Team
Miss Leanne Stevenson Year 7 Kahikatea  Takahe Team
Mr Jason Irvine Year 8 Kauri  Takahe Team


Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako

A Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako is a group of education and training providers that form around children and young people’s learning pathways, and work together to help them achieve their full potential. Wainui School is a member of the Orewa Kahui Ako/ Community of learning. There are five schools in our Kahui Ako: Silverdale Primary School; Orewa North; Orewa Primary School; Orewa College and Wainui School. The Community of Learning has shared achievement challenges in:

  1. Maths  
  2. Writing
  3. NCEA

Schools have appointed “Leaders”, “Across School Leaders” and “In-School Leaders”.  Our Principal Mrs Gillian Bray, and Mr. Cameron Lockie, Principal of Silverdale School are the Co-Lead Principals for the Community of Learning.  There are 4 Across School Leaders.  Mrs Sandy Blackburn from Wainui School is one of these.  In-School Leaders at Wainui School are Leanne Stevenson and Wendy Taylor.