Friday 3rd June 2022

Kia ora, I am Samantha Neely, one of your year 8 Leaders. This is a cooking competition so if you like cooking at home or cooking alone this is something for you. There will be heats starting with the year 1’s on the 13th of June, Week 7. Below is a table showing the dates and times.


Heat, Date, Time  Year Group  Cooking
Heat 1:  Monday 13 June  1 Sandwiches
Heat 2:  Tuesday 14 June 2 Sandwiches
Heat 3:  Wednesday 15 June 3 Pikelets
Heat 4:  Thursday 16 June 4 Pikelets
Heat 5:  Monday 20 June 5 Spinach and Corn Quiche
Heat 6:  Tuesday 21 June 6 Spinach and Corn Quiche
Heat 7:  Thursday 23 June 7/8 Spinach and Corn Quiche


There will be sign-up sheets at the registration desk outside the office and posters around the school with the information. The semi-finals will be on Tuesday the 28th June, week 9 & Wednesday the 29th June, week 9.

If you have any questions please email Ashton (leader of MasterChef) or Gillian Bray. Their emails are down below.

Samantha Neely
Year 8 Student