Kia ora Koutou,

A huge thank you parents, grandparents and caregivers!  As a teaching staff, we wanted to thank you all for making the distance / home learning work.  We have over 90% of all children coming online daily to connect, not only with their teacher, but with each other.  It means you have got everyone organised in the house, got up, had breakfast, fed the animals, and made the effort. Huge bouquets to you all as there was, and is no textbook or online instructions on how to do this. We also understand there are days when your child is not motivated, doesn’t feel like doing this, or the device is out of power! These things happen and most of the time we can get there and push through. But if you need to take a “well-being day” please do so or if you need a change, do it.  The teachers do ask that you please flick them an email or text so they know.  It is the same as a normal school day, a roll is taken.

I read a quote in the weekend many of you will have seen or read before;

“You’re not working from home. You’re at home, during a crisis, trying to work”.  – This resonated with me as we have moved school to home plus you are all juggling your work and family life. It’s not easy for any of us, Well done everyone!!

      Etiquette in an online learning lesson

Another two weeks in Level 4 – I have compiled some thoughts from the teachers on how we can work together even better.  There is  “Online Meeting Etiquette” (see above poster).  Sometimes the teachers ask for some help from you as the parent with this etiquette. The Wainui 5R’s dovetail in here as well.

Online Meets – Are every day for all classes. Timetables are in place. I will attach these to the website this week.

Year 5-8 use GOOGLE MEET – Teachers have set GOOGLE classroom slides as they do when they are at school. The teachers spend a lot of the day marking and giving feedback to work that is posted by their students. They do run extra tutorials when needed. Creativity is high in some of the activities using Kahoot, moviemaking, photos, music, kids youtube, etc.

Years 0-4 use ZOOM – Thank you to all of you as parents that help children get ready and log into ZOOM each day. Teachers are now starting to do things such as run two shorter sessions a day or take smaller groups. Teachers are learning to use the tools of teaching whiteboards, incorporating a collaborative workspace called SEESAW, the little readers (we call them PM readers) which are all online, as is matific maths programs, photos, and movies.

Teachers are using new online tools to help engage learners. Thank you for your support with all of the learning. If you need something, perhaps paper to practice and draw we can help you as well.  Thank you to all parents for your sometimes funny and supportive notes. I love hearing how it is all going and am trying to join two ZOOM/Meets a day to connect.  Drop me a note if you have anything you would like to ask or share. I have been asked if we are going to have a sponsored weight loss as a family ate all their chocolate and didn’t get to sell any!!   I laughed at that one! I am very pleased I left my own box in my office!!

WHITTAKERS CHOCOLATE FUNDRAISER UPDATE – We started with a hiss and a roar! Box after box being sold, more boxes taken, Kids excited….. then BOOM – LOCKDOWN!  Of course over this time it’s extremely hard to sell those yummy chocolate slabs, no doubt many consumed by ourselves. We will be continuing the Chocolate Fundraiser when we reach level 2.   So in the meantime keep those chocolates safe (and out of the sun/away from heat) Any sold boxes can be paid online/KINDO or cash returned at level 2. Any part boxes can be returned to school at level 2 with the money for any sold and anyone who wants more boxes are welcome to do so.   We will reassess a new cut off date in the weeks to come. Don’t forget there are some great prizes up for grabs!

Stay safe and please don’t hesitate to contact FOWs with any questions.


Yes, we are here for at least two more weeks.  We have systems in place which we know can always improve and we are here to help you.  Please touch base if you need something, support, etc. If you need support with food or anything else, please let me, Miss Ludwig, or Mrs. Taylor know.  We wish all our colleagues and friends in other areas of the country all the very best in working through what Level 3 means and how it will be implemented as a model for us to follow.  We also look forward to returning soon for assemblies, our planned Ag Day and Country Fair, Athletics, and the Year 5&6 camp in Term 4.  We are sorry that some events are already cancelled; the hockey tournaments, Interschool Cross Country and today the annual Tu Maia festival. These will not be rescheduled.

To help with future planning we will be asking next week if you are a family that will need to return to school in Level 3.  The criteria is both parents/caregivers need to work and there is no one for child care. The aim is to keep the bubbles smaller and the bubbles will not mix.  This is to keep the numbers at school to a minimum, so we can continue in Auckland to stop the spread of COVID-19 and all return to school.

There will be 10 children in a bubble, plus the teaching staff. Please let us know if this will be the need for your family.

Stay safe and I hope the storm and rain have not done too much damage to your property.  It has certainly been a rough night for some in Auckland!

Ka kite ano

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 31st August – Asia Experience Day – Takahe Team – CANCELLED
  • Friday 3rd September – Assembly – Takahe Team – THIS WILL BE RESCHEDULED – DATE TBC
  • Thursday 9th September – Immunisation – Years 7 & 8 – THIS WILL BE RESCHEDULED – DATE TBC
  • Wednesday 15th September – FOWS Meeting – 7.00pm – Staffroom or Online TBC
  • Friday 17th September – Tui Team Assembly
  • Wednesday 29th September – Year 3 & 4 Production
  • Tuesday 28th September – BOT Meeting – 6.30pm – Staffroom
  • Thursday 30th September – Young Farmer
  • Friday 1st October – Winter Sports Prizegiving.
  • Friday 1st October – End of Term 3
  • Monday 18th October – First day of Term 4