Kia ora Koutou,

First of all I hope every one is surviving the storms, wind, rain and mud!! Despite the last few weeks of this awful weather our visitors from Japan all managed to have a wonderful time!!


Hatsushiba Ristsumeikan Students have all returned safely to Osaka, Japan. I cannot thank all our host families enough. You have all been most generous in inviting the students into your homes and ensuring they all had a wondeful time. Thank you from us all. We all had lots of fun at the sayonara assembly and party hearing just a little of the stories that had occurred. Thank you to all the students and their families for hosting, the students ranged in all ages from Hamish and Mackenzie Allen, Anthony Doherty, Emily & James Gray, Brodie Headford, Jaden & Joshua Joubert, Keelan, Rylan & Felix Latham, Jackson Mallon, Ella & Logan Marshall, Ruby Mayes, Isla Mexted, Gabby & Talia Minton, Ben Partner and Charlotte Robinson.

The swing has arrived – We have added a new swing to the bottom playground it is a “lily pad swing”  meaning more than one person can use the swing. Please do not stand on the swing if using after hours.

The projector has been upgraded All with raised funds from the community, well done every one. Assemblies will be well improved from now on!!


Maths Week Led by Mrs Stevenson. Maths is very much a daily activity in all classrooms, and is so much fun!! especially in today’s world!!

Learning Conversations – Are this week on Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August  between 3.00pm and 6:00pm. We have an expectation that every family will make a special time to discuss progress and achievement with their childs teacher.  Please ensure you have made your time. To book your Learning Conversation/s click on and enter the Event Code: jug89

CarPark, Bus bay and Island works upgrade – First thank you everyone for day one and the changes. Yes, you are probably wondering why didn’t we wait until summer BUT as this is a fully Ministry funded devlopment and has been in the plannning for well over a year the time was now. Following this will be the new classrooms planned to be built in the staff car park. The projects have to keep moving and happening. For 6 weeks we will need to be mindful it will be harder to park. Mr Irvine has suggested “drop, kiss and go” and try and be as fast as you can in the mornings on drop off!  After school we have will be trying to get the children into the cars as fast as we can, it will take longer than normal.  We thank you all for your support.

Welcome to Mr Mark Legge – And his partner Anj Dearlove.  Mr Legge is on a teacher refresher course to enable him to become a teacher in New Zaeland. Mark and Anj are from York, Yorkshire, Engand and have been corresponding with me for the last two years to try and enable this to happen. We look forward to getting to know Mr Legge as he works in Rimu class with Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Morris as his mentors. Mr Legge loves sport.  We welcomed both Mr Legge and Ms Dearlove at a special powhiri on Monday morning, he was so gratful for this wonderful opportunity .

Principals Conference – I will be away at the Auckland Principals conference in Taupo on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th August and the theme this year is “Learn, Connect, Grow”.

Interschool Cross Country for Year 7 & 8 – All the best for the following students competing – Year 8 – Ty Browne Hale, Hanno Meissenheimer, Stephen O’Flaherty, Bradyn Yacyshen, Gracye Brothers, Zoe Grey, Micaela Bartrom and Lexi Jones.  Year 7 – Lily Glasgow, Selina Glasgow, Serenity Harris Hatley, Kayla Paladin, Marley Straka, Cole Davies, Ricardo Hawken and Ollie Steen.

Chocolates The money is due now!  Thank you to everyone who has sold / eaten the box of Whittakers chocolates, we are doing so well as a school!! A few families have returned some chocolates, if you can sell more, this will enable you to be in the draw for our special prizes. Thank you to Melanie Mayes and Sonya Joubert, FOWS members who are putting in so much time and effort to ensure all the chocolates get sold, counting the money and ensuring we can get on the way to a very good profit!!

Hockey Interschool Year 5&6 – Good luck to the teams playing at Metro Park, Silverdale this Thursday 15th August.


Wanui School Intermediate Information Evening –  Wednesday 21st August at 5:30pm – 6:30pm 

It is the time when we are thinking and Planning for 2020!! Hard to believe but we are over halfway through the year. Students and parents are invited to our Wainui Intermediate Information Evening. We will share key features of our innovative Intermediate programme, including why our personalised and authentic learning environment is a great choice for your child. Wainui School has no enrolment zone and welcomes new families.


A huge thank you from myself to the staff of Wainui School.  As you will be aware the Principals have not settled their pay contract with the Government and last Friday was a day for everyone to wear green and show support for us as Principals!! Much to my surprise, as it was a surprise, all the staff wore green and put on the most wonderful morning tea, much of which was green themed!! I cannot thank the staff enough for their thoughtfulness and support, it felt very special!! Today it seems we might be much closer to a settlement from the meeting I attended.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


Carpark Drop Off and Pick Up Intructions

Sushi Thursdays – Don’t forget to go onto Kindo to order your sushi for your childs lunch.  This is delivered every Thursday and payment is made online and can be ordered up until 9.00am on the day.

Calendar Fundraiser – From Wednesday 4th to Friday 20th September you will have the opportunity to order fabulous 2020 calendars, diaries, cards, sketch pads and mouse mats featuring your child’s artwork!  You can see product examples at the office.

Children’s art will be displayed in classrooms Monday 2nd to Wednesday 11th September, then will be available to view at the office.  We are also hoping to be able to email photos of class art, in case you can’t get to school.

We will be placing our main (possibly only) order at the end of Term 3 – so ensure your order is received VIA KINDO by Friday 20th September.  Items will be distributed a few weeks into Term 4 (depending on how quickly the printing company process our order).

Prices are:  calendar $13, pack of 8 cards $15, diary $18, sketch pad $16, mouse mat $17.  These make fabulous gifts for family members, or to have yourself as a keepsake of your child’s work.

All ordering and payment will be online via Kindo.

Friday Sausage Sizzle – We are fundraising for the Taupo Cycle Challenge, NIPS and AIMES so this Friday lunch time we will be having a sausage sizzle, you will be able to buy them from the kitchen window.

Combo : sausage sizzle, cookie and a hot chocolate $5

Sausage $2

Cookie and hot chocolate $4

Ag Day 2019 – Friday 25th October

Update #6                                            

Many very excited families will be collecting their chicks today. We hope you have lots of fun rearing them.

I’m sure many of you will have your Ag day animals already but you have until 15th September (this is the last date for them to be born) to get your kid goat or lamb for this year.  There will be NO calves again this year.

Just a note for new families – children may only have ONE pet to care for. A lamb or kid goat or chick. The students will need to be with their pet when judging takes place on Ag Day.

For all children who don’t have an animal to care for, the expectation is that they have a Pet Egg which they create a habitat for. We have had many and varied habitats created over the years and it’s always amazing to see what the children come up with. The Pet Eggs in their habitats will be judged at school on Ag Day.


email your sports results to Mrs Elliott in the office, 


Wainui Yr 1 Astroids vs St Josephs Twinkle Toes.  Won 6 – 1.  POD: Isla Brothers

Wainui Yr 2 Galaxy vs Willow Park Tactics  Drew 6-6.  POD: Eva Sparkes and Charlotte Adlam

Wainui Yr 3 Stars vs Torbay Wetas.  Won 9-0.  POD: The Whole Team – Awesome Effort!!

Wainui Yr 4 Jets vs . Won .  POD: .  Sportmanship:

Wainui Yr 4 Gems vs Pinehill Ponies. Lost 11-1.  POD: Emily Coupe

Wainui Yr 5 Comets vs Sherwood Terriers.  Lost 18-10.  POD: Isla Poninghaus.  Sportmanship: Milla Glasgow

Wainui Yr 6 Rockets vs Sherwood Spaniels.  Lost 16-4.  POD:  Te Pourewa Webby-Hape.  Sportmanship:  Talia Minton

Wainui Tui Yr 7.  Won.  POD:


Wainui Yr 3/4 Firebirds vs Kristin Hawks. Drew 1-1  POD: Harry Browne Hale

Wainui Year Stars vs Campbells Bay Swifts.  Lost 1-0.  POD: Pippa Heaton

Wainui Yr 5/6 Storm vs Northcote Panthers.  Drew 0-0.  POD: Maya Ledger

Wainui Yr 5/6 Thunder vs Northcote Jaquars.  Lost. 2-3.  POD: Anna Flynn

Wainui Yr 5/6 Warriors vs Albany  Drew 0-0.  POD: Logan Grey


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Relational”.

  •  Puriri: Kenzie Banton, Maya Russell.  Writing: George Anderson.
  •  Puriri Rua: James Gray, Logan Marshall.  Writing: Sophia Holder.
  •  Karaka: Nalia Searle-Pauli, Kobi Cooke. Writing: Nikau Laurie.
  •  Rata: Kayden Le, Sophie Scott.  Writing: Stella Robertson.
  •  Pukatea:  Lucian Allen, Harley Kipa.
  •  Kohekohe: Emily Gray, Milly Rossiter.  Writing: Capri Fairhurst.
  •  Kowhai: Ella Marshall, Cade Mumby.  Writing: Pippa Heaton
  •  Nikau: Harper Laurie, Neva Atkinson.  Writing: Ayla Lodge.
  •  Totara: Maya Ledger, Alex Tucker.  Writing: Pearle Lake Cameron.
  •  Matai: Te Pourewa Hape-Webby, Talia Minton.  Writing: Locky Jordan.
  •  Rimu: Cody Climo, Jaden Joubert.  Writing: Emilie Adlan.
  •  Kahikatea: Vinnie Holmes, Selina Glasgow. Writing: Tara Phillips
  •  Kauri: Ethan McBride, Johnny O’Flaherty.  Writing: Gabby Minton.

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Jack Cooper (Puriri), Jackson Ledger (Puriri Rua), Indie Hawkins (Karaka) and Charlee Andrew (Rata).


  • Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th July – Learning Conversations
  • Tuesday 13th August – Collect your Chicks
  • Thursday 15th August – Year 5/6 Interschool Hockey Tournament
  • Friday 16th August – Year 7 /8 Interschool Cross Country
  • Monday 19th August – Year 8 Woodhill Mountain Bike Trip
  • Tuesday 20th August – Year 7 Woodhill Mountain Bike Trip
  • Wednesday 21st August – Intermediate Information Evening
  • Friday 23rd August – Takahe Team Assembly and Whittakers Chocolate Winners
  • Thursday 29th August – Year 5 / 6 Interschool Cross Country
  • Friday 30th August – Daffodil Day
  • Friday 6th September – 9.15am – Tui Team Assembly
  • Friday 20th September – Last day to order your childrens calendars via Kindo


Waitotara – Sustainable and Resilient Living Workshops

Harakeke Weaving: Introduction to weaving workshop in which you will learn to make
flowers and a fish mobile. Sunday 1 st September 1 – 4 pm. $45 includes homemade
afternoon tea.

The Art of Fermentation: Kombucha and sauerkraut. Participants will take home what they
have made. Sunday 8 th September 1 – 4 pm. $45 includes homemade afternoon tea.

Introduction to Permaculture: Practical workshop based on a permaculture property.
Covers the 12 principles of permaculture design and includes plant giveaways. Sunday 22nd
September 10 – 4 pm. $90 includes homemade lunch and afternoon tea.

Waitōtara is open Mondays and the fourth Sunday of each month between 9am and
midday (excluding public and school holidays) for FREE advice and teaching.

Contact Robyn on 4211807 or email You can follow us on

Cost should be no barrier, so if you would still like to attend, please contact us and we will figure something out!

Shrek the Muscical 2019 is coming to a SWAMP near you 2 – 5th October 2019 at Centrestage Theatre, Orewa – See flyer for further details

Wentworth College, Gulf Harbour,  Open Day on Wednesday 21 August – For all Year 6 parents considering where to send their child next year. Wentworth College invites all families to come and see our academic, cultural and sporting facilities, and learn about the Cambridge International Exams and curriculum. The open days are guided by the Head of College, senior staff and senior students and tours take approximately 90 minutes.

Tours start at 9am, 12 noon and 3.30pm