Kia ora Koutou,

This week’s Value is “Resourceful”, Auahatanga. This value speaks so strongly to me as yes, we have all had to be incredibly resourceful over the last weeks during COVID-19, sometimes this is daily making decisions on what we will do next with the information we have received, or often with very little information.  What has amazed me is how we continue to trial new things, keep some of the old and weigh up what is working and what isn’t. You will have all received by now the team newsletters and will read we are all back into full programmes, with our own blend of learning that includes all the core curriculum areas and depending on the team, elements of the digital curriculum. Next week you are all invited to meet your child’s teacher and have a learning conversation so please make time to do this.

If you need a learning conversation earlier, please do not hesitate to make a time as we welcome this.

In this newsletter, I will outline the procedures we now have in place based on parents, FOWS, staff, students feedback, information from the Ministry of Education and various Principals groups that I am a part of. It is amazing how schools around the country have noticed similar outcomes based on the changes we have made over the last weeks.

We ask that parents support us moving forward with a few simple changes of procedure.

Procedures – Term 2 Drop-Off

  • 8.15am is the earliest to drop-off (if you must drop children for a sports practice earlier, please stay with your child until the coach arrives).
  • We prefer Drop and Go as this enables children to develop independence and mix with friends and the teacher on Monday to Thursday.
  • New Entrant parents are fine to come in, but even New Entrants are able to self manage very easily as the last few weeks have proved.
  • 9.00am learning time starts with the roll etc.
  • Parent help is still encouraged by the teams and classes, if you are staying in the class for this, please sign in at the office in the visitor’s book.

Some of the reasons for Drop and Go – Many schools have noticed a decrease in anxiety and an increase in self-management, independence and children very ready to begin the day and get into the learning far more quickly. This has been noticed by many of my colleagues across the Hibiscus Coast and across New Zealand. It has been discussed in the media and whilst we don’t want parents to feel unwelcome, it is an action school would like to keep.


First, a big thank you for bearing with us over the last few weeks with Level 2 then moving to Level 1 and pick up. Our aim is that we can all park or get the bus or pick-up smoothly.  Here we have a few slight changes.

  1. Hometime – 3.00pm –  The bell will go. All children will be in class until this time. Please respect these times and try not to pick-up early.
  2. Bus Children – They will now meet on the top asphalt outside of the office in their two bus lines. Children will be checked off on the bus list up here and then walked down to their bus through the court.
  3. All other children – Will walk down in their class lines to meet their parents/ caregivers at the pick-up area by the roundabout. It would be easier for the classes if parents waited either outside the hall area or by the pickup area. Some children can go straight down to the bottom car park as well to ease congestion, a teacher/s will be down there as well.
  4. Parking – Please fill up the car park systematically to ensure we can fit as many in as possible.
  5. Picking up – The buses do need to get in the driveway and in place to fill up. They are gone by 3.05pm so you can come later as it tends to be clearer between the hours of 3.05pm – 3.15pm.

Fridays – We invite you in at both ends of the day.  This, we would like to be family/ whanau day.  Your child may want to show you something in the classroom or the gardens. You can have a quick chat with the teacher more easily on this day as well and even go to a team assembly.

Assemblies –  You are welcome to attend any team or full school assembly.  These will be on a Friday.

Team AssembliesWeek 10 – Kiwi Team – 9.15am – 9.45pm. Takahe Team – 9.45am – 10.15am. Certificates: Resourceful.

Week 11 – Whole School Assembly – Each class will present a Hellyer Cup and certificates in Resilience.

Week 12 – Matariki Performance Assembly – 9.15am start.


Student Leadership!!

Finally, we have been able to meet back and the student Leaders in year 8 are back in business so to speak!! These young students are full of ideas and wonderful enthusiasm for our school to make it a better place!! With the onset of COVID-19 we had only just started this journey but now we are even more ready and organised with things to do, areas to lead, and make a difference in. First, we had to be visible so here are the Student Councillors and a message written by them!!

The Student Councillors of 2020, (Left to Right in the picture) Imogen Germain, Tara Phillips, Drew Southwick, Ricardo Hawken, Keelan Latham Serenity Harris Hatley, Selina Glasgow and Regan Lowe. We are looking forward to having lots of fun not only in the events but preparing for the events.

Covid-19 definitely took the world by storm but us, the Team of Five Million have eliminated the virus and the Student Councillors are back!!

We are planning many events and new things for the rest of 2020 to go. Here are those things.

A YearbookImogen Germain is planning on bringing the year 8’s their first yearbook!

Wai FactorDrew Southwick, Selina Glasgow, Tara Phillips, Ricardo Hawken, Imogen Germain and Serenity Harris Hatley are planning the annual much loved Wai Factor which will be coming in the second week of Term 3!

English & Te Reo Signs around the school – Tara Phillips is planning to create brand new signs to the school in both English and Te Reo Maori!

Brand New Basketball hoopsRegan Lowe, Keelan Latham and Ricardo Hawken are fundraising towards bringing brand new hoops to Wainui School. They are raising the money from some of the profits from Bike-a-thon 2020 so any contributions are helpful.

MasterchefSerenity Harris Hatley and Imogen Germain are hosting this year in term 4.    (Article was written by Drew Southwick).             

Board Of Trustees By-Election –  Congratulations to Chris Scott (dad to Sophie and Mikaela) who will join the Board – we know you have much to offer.  Thank you to Elise Louard and Greg Bailey both for standing, we are very privileged to have a keen group of parents at our school. Thank you, everyone, for voting.                                                                     


Learning Conversations – Each student from new entrants to Year 8 will be making their Learning Map. This will enable the student, the teacher and you as parents/ caregivers to find out how learning is going, what went well in lockdown, who helped, and areas that might need support. The time is right now we are all back at school in a good place with level one expectations and ready to move forward. We have always found the engagement at these conversations is very important and aim to have 100% attendance. The conversations have all three parties included student, teacher and family. The conversations are very focussed on learning.

Please ensure you have booked a time, there are a number of options – if none of these work for you then we are always happy to accommodate you at another time just ask us.


Matariki celebration and performance – Friday 3rd July.

Bike-a-Thon Tuesday 30th June – Wow I am amazed at the generosity of the Wainui Community it is truly wonderful!! There is no pressure this year at all to contribute, we understand how difficult these times have been for many families, but thank you to those that can contribute!! The day should be lots of fun as not only includes biking but has food for sale and other fun games. Isn’t it great you are all welcome to support now we are in Level 1 !!! Thank you FOWS led by Kate Doherty and Mel Mayes for all your work and support.


Health and Wellbeing and us all!! We have been participating in a Ministry initiative called “He Ara Hauora: Ka Anga Whakama Pathway towards well being: Moving Forward”. One of the key elements for us all moving forward, now we have our freedom and are almost back to normal is to ensure we “notice” if things are not right with all of us!! If you need support or another person to talk to please let us know if we can’t help we can always help point you in another direction.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 16th June – BOT Meeting – 6.30pm in the Staffroom.
  • Friday 19th June – 9.15am – Kiwi Team Assembly.
  • Friday 19th June – 9.50am – Takahe Team Assembly.
  • Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June – Sharing the Learning Conversations – 2.00pm – 6.00pm.
  • Friday 26th June – Full School Assembly – 2.00pm.
  • Tuesday 30th June – Bike a Thon.
  • Thursday 2nd July – Bike A Thon (Save Day if the 30th June is cancelled due to weather).
  • Friday 3rd July – Last day of Term 2.


Nui News – The Year 7’s have just started to create their own TV channel and this is their first attempt at sharing the Wainui News! We will get better as the week’s progress, but please enjoy this short video.

Garden to Table – Last week in Garden to Table the kitchen cooked up a kumara storm. After harvesting so many kumaras in the week prior we then set to creating dishes in the kitchen to use them. Thanks to Sandy Tucker for her fabulous recipes, the dishes were all so yummy, if you would like the recipes please ask your child to access them from The Garden to Table google classroom. Here are some kitchen photos.

Learning Conversations – Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June 2020.

Book a Learning Conversation – Our Learning Conversations are for your child, you and the teacher to meet to discuss the first half of the year and set new learning goals. We have two evenings set aside to make a time.

To book your Learning Conversation/s click on and enter the Event Code: 3hpt6

Step 1: Enter your email address, parents full name, number of students you are booking for and the student’s name/s. Click the “Go” button.

Step 2: For each student, select your child’s classroom under the first dropdown box and select their teacher under the second dropdown box. Click the “Go” button.

Step 3: Choose the time/s you would like for your Learning Conversation/s by clicking on a time slot that suits you. Missing checkboxes mean that the time has already been booked by someone else. Click the “Go” button.

You have the option to print out a copy of the time/s you have booked, a confirmation will also be emailed to you. You can view, change or cancel your booking by using the link in the email confirmation.

The Learning Conversations are being held on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th June from 2.00pm – 6.00pm and are 10 minutes in length with 2 minutes in between Conversations.

Bike-a-thon Update – Thank you to everyone that continues to register for Bike-a-thon, and for the funds raised so far. The response is amazing. The fundraising total continues to rise, and as of Monday 15th June the current total fundraised so far was $8,151.80 an outstanding result! Second and third class prizes have been added to the prize list, so we now have three class prizes in our prize list:

1. The Class that raises the highest amount of money will receive a movie afternoon with Pizza and Popcorn.
2. The Class that raises the second highest amount of money will all receive an iceblock.
3. The Class that raises the third highest amount of money will all receive 20 minutes extra playtime.
Visit for more information on the Bike-a-thon, how to register, the prize list and to watch the fundraising total grow! If you have any questions about your registration/ or need help you can email or click on the “need help?” button on the fundraising page. Remember if you have cash donations or are not able to register online, please feel free to contact the school office and ask for an offline cash form.

Pool Keys –  All pool keys are to be returned to the office, please.  A refundable key deposit of $10 will be given upon return of the key.


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Relational”.

  •  Rata: Micky Long, Poppy Mexted.
  •  Karaka: Liam Doherty, Kade Hawkins.
  •  Miro: Vincent Bryant, Danika Skelton.
  •  Puriri: Hazel Coghlan Jack Cooper.
  •  Puriri Rua:  George Anderson, Eden-Rose Dixon.
  •  Totara: Tara Hawken, Ruby Mayes.
  •  Matai: Logan McDermid-Venter, Zahara Patterson
  •  Rimu: Tyler Morgan, Rebecca Van Heerden.


Kelly Sports – See attached flyer – Silverdale KC July Timetable 2020

Brain Play – Coding, Robotics, and 3d printing classes. After-school, weekend, and holiday courses. Holidays on sale now for $60.00 per day! Free trials available. Ages 5+. Email us for more information on or see”

Toki Explorers – See attached information