Kia ora Koutou,

Welcome to Week 3, Term 3.  We are all feeling very thankful to be here, going to school and enjoying a relatively “normal” life. I feel very much for our neighbours in Victoria, Australia where life is closing down and going back into lockdown. Thank you everyone for being vigilant with winter colds and sniffles and keeping children home if they are sick, it all helps keep everyone healthy and safe.

Our news this week is SKIDS after school care programme is coming to Wainui.  We have a start date of the 24th of August!

Growing Awesome kiwi kids since 1996, affordable supervised out-of-school care for kids. Our teams create  inspired learning experiences where discovery never stops!”

There is a full advert of the programme – see attached 9 – sKids Term 3 Planner Wainui. Please be aware that the van taking children to Waitoki will stop as all children will stay here for the after school care. We are very pleased to welcome fully Emma and her team to Wainui school and know it is a service we do need now.


Sports – It is great to see so many teams practising before and after school. We have 6 hockey teams and 8 netball teams, plus one basketball team training and competing.   I hope you all have a great season learning new skills and enjoy yourselves. Thank you to all team coaches, managers and supporters, you are all doing a great job!!

Here is one of our hockey teams the Wainui Wildcats (Year 3 & 4 mixed team) down at Rosedale Road

In school Sports

Basketball – We are all really loving our coaching sessions with Kaea from “Sport North Harbour”. He comes on Monday’s and Thursday’s and will be for two more weeks.

Cross Country – All classes are training for the annual school cross country which is to be held this Friday 7th August. You are all welcome to come, there is a time table that has been shared with you all and I enclose it again. Wainui School Cross Country 2020


Friday 7th August – School Cross Country – The food will be available on the day from 10am.

Sausage $2
Juices $2
Drink $2
Cupcake $2
Coffee and Hot Chocolate $4 each (available from 8.30am)
SPECIAL Combo Deal – Sausage, drink and cupcake $5. 

Waifactor Auditions – These finish tomorrow. The Year 8 student leaders led by Drew Southwick, Tara Phillips and Teah Schweitzer have done a wonderful job organising this and being the hosts and judges well done!!.

There are no team assemblies this week due to cross country.


Maths Week –  Mrs Stevenson is leading our schools’ thinking and fun with Maths at our school!!  Maths is one of the core subjects in the New Zealand curriculum having a focus and some fun with this area helps promote positive feelings and thinking about maths.  Mrs Stevenson has lots of activities, one being a maths treasure hunt planned for us, plus most classes will be signed up to the NZ maths week websites.  Maths Week was established by the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) in 1998, and is now in its 23rd year of operation.  It is a premier mathematics event in the New Zealand school calendar, gaining the attention of an estimated audience of more than 250,000 students, teachers and parents from around New Zealand in August each year.

Find out more about NZAMT at”


Wainui Intermediate Information Evening – It is hard to believe BUT it is time for this already. We understand there is a choice for families in schooling, the reason why we have a growing roll as so many have chosen to come to school at our place.  Currently Year 8’s are off visiting various colleges to make the choice for next year as not everyone is in the Orewa zone, or want to make the best choice for their child and visit a number of colleges that offer places for Year 9.
We also at Year 6 hold an Information Evening for Year 7 & 8 as again there is a choice.  Our Intermediate area has doubled in size over the last few years.  This year we have 3 teachers for this group, Mr Irvine, Mrs Stevenson and Mr O’Reilly look forward to sharing the programme with you all on Wednesday 19th August starting at 5.30pm.


FOWS Fundraiser Number two is about to be launched –  It’s all about Chocolate.  I even heard today on the radio in the car one of the items that have increased in sales in New Zealand since Covid 19 has been chocolate!! ‘This fundraiser is a great opportunity to help with our fundraising and we’d love you all to take part in this fundraiser but we also understand things aren’t the way they used to be right now especially for some families in our community. If for any reason, this is not right for your child/children/family right now, you can let us know by emailing the office and requesting no box be sent home – no explanation needed or simply return the box straight away once delivered so we can re-allocate it. Thanks from FOWS.’

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 4th August – Wai Factor Semi Finals
  • Tuesday 4th August – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.30pm
  • Friday 7th August – Cross Country
  • Friday 7th August – Pukeko / Kiwi Assembly – 9.10am
  • Friday 14th August – Wai Factor Finals
  • Friday 14th August – Tui / Takehe Assembly – 9.10am
  • Friday 14th August – Whitakers Chocolates being sent home
  • Wednesday 19th August – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 21st August – Whole School Assembly – 2.00pm
  • Friday 28th August – Kiwi / Pukeko Assembly – 9.10am
  • Thursday 27th August – Interschool Cross Country – Years 5 & 6
  • Tuesday 1st September – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.30pm
  • Friday 4th September – Tui / Takehe Assembly – 9.10am
  • Monday 9th September – Boostrix and HPV – Year 7
  • Friday 11th September – Pukeko / Kiwi Assembly – 9.10am
  • Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th September – Learning Conversations
  • Friday 18th September – Tui / Takehe Assembly – 9.10am
  • Tuesday 22 September – Photo Day
  • Wednesday 23rd September – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 25th September – Whole School Assembly – 2.00pm
  • Friday 25th September – Last day of Term 3


School Hoodies – We are looking at placing an order shortly  An order for printed school hoodies (name on the back). We do need a minimum of 10 to place an order.  Please email the office with your child’s name, size, and name printed on the back.  This can be first name, surname, or nickname – you choose!

Child – Size 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 is $42.00.  If you want your name printed on the back it is an extra $6.00

Adult – Size S, M, L, XL is $46.00.  If you want your name printed on the back it is an extra $6.00.

Year 7 and 8 Technology Programme – This has been off to a flying start. The students have been in the kitchen and garden, hammering nails and learning about circuits as part of STEAM. In the kitchen they have turned box fulls of kiwifruit into many different things and in the garden they have learnt how to grow mushrooms. Wow!!! an inspiring start to a new term.

Ag Day – 23rd October – Update # 5

This year we have ordered 58 chicks for delivery and collection on Monday 24th August.
If you have not already done so, please contact Mel in the office to pay for your chicks.  Chicks are $10.00 each.

Ag Day animals at school: 

Thank you to those parents who have contacted us regarding bringing pet lambs to school. It is vital that this is arranged prior to animals coming to school, so the necessary areas / pens can be organised for them.  The following information is taken from our Ag Day information booklet.


4. Lambs and goats may be brought to school while needing their lunch time feed (from 1 to 6 weeks of age). From 6 weeks on the lambs / goats need to stay at home.

In line with our Wainui School Health and Safety / Animal Ethics policy: “Any animals at school must receive:

  • suitable and adequate food and water
  • shelter
  • appropriate handling
  • the opportunity to behave normally
  • protection from injury and disease

Parents must ensure an adequate enclosure is provided at school. Lambs / goats must not be tethered.  Lambs and goats DO provide a distraction and safety issue on the bus, so please bring them by car.  Hopefully this provides clarification for you all.  I’m sure many of you will have your Ag day animals already but you have until 15th September (this is the last date for them to be born) to get your kid goat, lamb or calf for this year.

The Family Whittakers Chocolate Fundraiser  is on again – This fundraiser was a great success last year raising just on $7000 towards our annual FOWS fundraising efforts. We will be running this again this year, and the same as last year a box will be handed to every family in the school. There are some great prizes and incentives for the kids to get involved, and a major spot prize up for grabs! Keep a lookout for further details on these to come. The chocolate is all delivered in boxes to each family/eldest child only on Friday 14th August 2020 for each family to sell.


email your sports results to Mrs Elliott in the office, 


Wainui Galaxy Year 3/4 vs Glamorgan Dancing Dragons. Won: 3-1.  POD: Ayla Lodge.

Wainui Jets Yr 5 vs Bayfield Blue.  Won: 15-3.  POD:  The Whole Team

Wainui Gens Yr 5 vs Torbay Matana.  Lost: 21-3.  POD: Pearl Glasgow

Wainui Yr 6 vs Marina View Heat.  POD: Lily Haswell.

Wainui Yr 7 Shooting Stars vs Helensville Falcons.  Lost: 23-6.

Wainui Yr 8.  Won: 28-0.  For the second half the team combined with the opposition to have 2 more equal teams.  Awesome sportsmanship was shown by the team!!


Wainui Yr 3/4 Wizards vs Kristin Kiwis.  Won: 1-0.  POD: Scott Tucker.

Wainui Yr 5/6 Boys vs Glamorgan.  Lost: 1-4.  POD: Caelan MacBride.

Wainui Yr 6 Dream Team vs Northcote Red.  Won: 6-0.  POD: Lily Haswell.

Wainui Yr 7/8 Girls vs Mahurangi Girls.  Lost: 1-6.  POD: Phoebe Walker.


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Respect”.

  •  Totara: Lily Cameron, Harper Laurie.  Ashton Russell (Resilience).
  •  Matai: Thomas Manuel, Dusty Pullen.  Lachy Hendrie (Resilience).
  •  Rimu: Alina Korah, Rebecca Van Heerden.  Amelia Bridges (Resilience).
  •  Kahikatea: Logan Grey, Gina Horne.  Emilie Adlam & Ben Prestidge (Resilience).
  •  Kauri: Vinnie Holmes, Bowen Jonkers-McAllister.  Marley Straka (Resilience).


Harbour Hospice – Tribute Night – Saturday 5th September – see attached

Community Bike Fund – Applications are now open for the 2020/21 Auckland Transport Community Bike Fund – See attached link –

Northern Mystics – See attached for game information.