Wainui School Newsletter No.70 – 11th August 2020

Wainui School Newsletter No.70 – 11th August 2020


Kia ora Koutou,

Welcome to Maths Week.  Many of you have less than positive memories of maths, maths in primary school is made a lot more fun now fun with a huge range of resources from board and card games, book and online activities.  It is no longer one textbook!

So if you would like to join in the fun we are having at school, led by Mrs Stevenson go and have a look here https://www.mathsweek.co.nz/, or bring out the cards, have your own fun, the children will share what they have done each day as well.  Monday started with a Maths Quiz and a treasure hunt!!  Each day this week we will have a new focus to create more fun and passion around maths.


Cross Country – We all had a wonderful day knowing also how lucky we were with the weather!!  It was a day of children challenging themselves, children using our value of resilience, of digging deep for their resourcefulness and doing their very best.  Thank you to every parent/ grandparent/ family member or friend for coming out and supporting your children, it was fabulous to see so many of you.

The results of the Years 7 & 8 and the Years 5 & 6 races ensure we are able to make decisions on who will represent the school at the annual interschool competitions. The first 4 children qualify to be the representatives, but we are mindful of both sickness and injury so will look at fifth place as well.

The results are:

The Year 7 & 8 students will be representatives at Muriwai on Friday 14th August in the Kaipara schools competition; Year 7 – Kaleisha Iremonger, Grace Wallace-Pram, Charlotte Robinson, Gina Horne, Te Pourewa Hape-Webby, Morgan Keller, James Wallace-Pram, Riley Purdie, Ben Partner and Logan Grey and Year 8 – Kayla Paladin, Selina Glasgow, Mia Thomson, Imogen Germain, Kate Flinn, Marley Straka, Ricardo Hawkin, Keelan Latham, Ollie Steen and Vinnie Holmes.

The Year 5 & 6 students will be representatives at Shakespeare Park in the annual Hibiscus Coast schools interschool competition on Thursday 27th August are Year 5 – Neva Atkinson, Lily Cameron, Rosie Gulik, Raya Sams, Sienna Smith, Carter Wright, Ayden Krynauw, Harry Browne Hale, Noah Murtagh and Jett Le and Year 6 – Lily Haswell, Keira Sams, Mackenzie Allen, Anna Flinn, Eliza Dunning, Yudai Seino, Daniel Gorshkov, George de Leeuw, Tyler Morgan and Alex Tucker.

Thank you to Mrs Hill for a great day, it was very well organised and set up. If you have some great photos please send us some as this year we didn’t organise a photographer – thank you. I only took some of the BBQ!!

Well done to the Hockey mums,(Led by Dee Robinson and Melanie Mayes, you are both stars!!).  To the  dads and students for the fabulous BBQ, coffees, and cakes not only raising funds for the hockey goals but also making our day more special and celebratory.

All children who placed will receive a certificate for their achievements at an assembly. We will let you know when this is in good time.

Board of Trustees Meeting – The Board have approved a Teacher Only Day on Friday 18th September. The teachers will be available for learning conversations on this day and the evening before, Thursday 17th August. As a part of the Teachers Collective Agreement, teachers are now able to have 8 Teacher Only days over the next two years. We will plan these and put these on the school calendar to ensure you are well informed.


Waifactor Semi-Finals –  Are on this week, on Tuesday and Wednesdays in the second and third breaks.  The competition is warming up, it is wonderful to hear and see so many children get on stage with the confidence to perform.  Well done!! Thank you to Drew, Teah, Tara and Serenity for your mature considerate comments when judging and for all your organisation. The semi-finalists are; Summer Starr and Eva Sparkes (Year 4), Mackenzie King (Year 4), Abigail Watt (Year 2), Camryn Colquhoun and Gabby Long (Year 3), Hunter Hadley (Year 4), Charlotte Adlam and Emily Kerr (Year 4) and Felix Latham and Hamish Fincham (Year 4).

Basket Ball – Continues for the last week with Sport North Harbour.  It has been a great introduction for our students. Our Year 8 leaders will look to develop an in house follow up fun competition over the next few weeks to use our new skills and understanding of the game.

Interschool Hockey(Hibiscus Coast Schools Competition) – We have two teams representing Wainui School at the Year 5 & 6 Hockey competition as follows; Pearl Glasgow, Keira Sams, Milly Rossiter, Raya Sams, Lily Haswell, Ruby Mayes, Anna Flynn, Neva Atkinson, Harry Browne-Hale, Caelen MacBride, Thomas Manuel, George De leeuw, Carter Wright, Staton Ranby, Alex Tucker and Sunny Odedra.  The tournament is this Thursday 13th August at Millwater.  We wish you a great day having fun, using your hockey skills and the Wainui 5Rs.

Chocolate Fundraiser – This is going home on Friday 14th August.  It’s all about Chocolate.  This fundraiser is a great opportunity to help with our fundraising and we’d love you all to take part in this fundraiser but we also understand things aren’t the way they used to be right now especially for some families in our community. If for any reason, this is not right for your child/children/family right now, you can let us know by emailing the office and requesting no box be sent home – no explanation needed or simply return the box straight away once delivered so we can re-allocate it. Thanks from FOWS.’

New Classes – A new class of New Entrants has started in Karaka classroom, the teacher we welcome back officially this week is Ms Smith. It is great to have you back after your adventures with Air New Zealand.  There is now space in Rata class with Mrs Allen and Mrs Collins for more New Entrants to join.

Karaka class has moved to the newly remodelled Art room now called Manuka class with their teacher Mrs Howard.

Welcome to new families – A number have joined us over the last few weeks and we will welcome you at our first full assembly, but hope it doesn’t take long for you to become part of the Wainui School family!!  Welcome Emma Clough (Year 1), Bill Coghlan (New Entrant), Amelie Graves (Year 5), Natalie Graves (Year 2), Noah Hill (Year 1), Adele Eve Wells-Lakeland (Year 1) and Ella Brea Wells-Lakeland (Year 4).


Tech Shed – This will be handed back to us.  You will have seen it move up closer to the Admin block and Mr Lees shed moved around the back of the pool. These will be reinstated, cleaned up and reset up with all our equipment. It is exciting watching our new classrooms area taking shape.

Wainui Intermediate Information Evening – Wednesday 19th August – 5.30pm –  Mr Irvine and Mrs Stevenson will share the goals of the curriculum, the technology, the sports, the arts and outdoor education programmes and the leadership programmes that they provide. Just like the elections, we know there is a choice at all levels of schooling, but we also know we have a great programme and develop amazing young people that we will guarantee leave Wainui, confident and excited for their future. Come and hear more and ask your own questions.


SKIDS – Is coming.  After school care only to begin with, NO mornings, FIVE days a week at Wainui School.  First afternoon is Monday 24th August.  Please let the office know if you need more information.


I always love receiving news of past Wainui students and their achievements and will share one of those moments sent to me by his mother last weekend.  Congratulations to Tait Wenzlick from all of us at Wainui School, Tait was a successful Year 8 student Leader at Wainui School and went onto Orewa College where he is in his final year.

  “Tait has been named in the New Zealand Under 20s squad for the Touch Rugby World Cup in Manchester England in 2021. Unfortunately, the World Cup has been deferred until 2022 but Touch New Zealand wanted to congratulate and acknowledge the players regardless, for their hard work and commitment over many years to reach this level. Tait transferred from representing North Harbour to play for Auckland province this year where his U18 team won Gold at the Nationals, going through the tournament undefeated.  He then played in the Nationals for Auckland in the Opens which is where he’ll be playing from now on.”  Fantastic news and at a very opportune time as Tait was a very keen participant in Cross-country winning his year group a few times.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Friday 14th August – Wai Factor Finals
  • Friday 14th August – Tui / Takehe Assembly – 9.10am
  • Friday 14th August – Whitakers Chocolates being sent home
  • Friday 14th August – Year 7 / 8 Interschool Cross Country
  • Wednesday 19th August – Wainui Intermediate Evening – 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 19th August – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 21st August – Whole School Assembly – 2.00pm
  • Thursday 27th August – Interschool Cross Country – Years 5 & 6
  • Friday 28th August – Kiwi / Pukeko Assembly – 9.10am
  • Tuesday 1st September – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.30pm
  • Friday 4th September – Tui / Takehe Assembly – 9.10am
  • Monday 9th September – Boostrix and HPV – Year 7
  • Friday 11th September – Pukeko / Kiwi Assembly – 9.10am
  • Thursday 17th September and Friday 18th September – Learning Conversations
  • Friday 18th September – Teacher Only Day
  • Friday 18th September – Last day to order Calendar Art via Kindo
  • Tuesday 22 September – Photo Day
  • Wednesday 23rd September – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 25th September – Whole School Assembly – 2.00pm
  • Friday 25th September – Last day of Term 3


Calendar Fundraiser – From Wednesday 2nd to Friday 18th September you will have the opportunity to order fabulous 2021 calendars, diaries, cards, sketch pads and mouse mats featuring your child’s artwork!  You can see product examples at the office.  Children’s art will be displayed in classrooms Monday 31st August to Wednesday 9th September, then will be available to view at the office.  We are also hoping to be able to email photos of class art, in case you can’t get to school. 

All items are priced at $15 each:  calendar, pack of 8 cards, diary, sketch pad, mouse mat.  These make fabulous gifts for family members, or to have yourself as a keepsake of your child’s work.

Orders and payment are made  online via Kindo.

We will be placing our only order at the end of Term 3 – so ensure your order is made via Kindo by Friday 18th September.  Items will be distributed in the first few weeks of Term 4 (depends on how quickly the printing company process our order).

Hoodies – This Friday (14th August) is the last day to get your orders into the office if you are wanting to purchase a school hoodie.


email your sports results to Mrs Elliott in the office, kelliott@wainui.school.nz 


Wainui Year 2 Asteroids vs Murrays Bay Diamonds.  Won: 4-0.  POD: Viviana Hellyer.

Wainui Year 3 Galaxy vs CBS Fantails.  Lost:.  POD: Eva Sparkes.

Wainui Year 4 Stars vs St Johns.  Won: 14-6.  POD: Nina Keller.

Wainui Year 5 Gems vs St Josephs Mighty Ferms.  Lost: 6-4.  POD: Amelia Bridges.

Wainui Year 5 Jets vs Marina View Comets.  Lost: 12-2.  POD: Lily Cameron.

Wainui Year 6 Comets vs Westminster.  Lost:  POD: Katelyn Burgess.

Wainui Year 7 Shooting Stars vs Kaukapakapa Rebels.  Lost: 20-4.  POD: Emilie Adlam.

Wainui Year 8 vs Parakai.  Lost: 30-8.  POD: Tara Phillips.


Wainui Year 3/4 Wizards vs Browns Bay.  Won: 4-0.  POD: Travis Duning.

Wainui Year 5/6 Blue Sticks vs Coatesville Quick Sticks.  Lost: 7-0.  POD: Carter Wright.

Wainui Year 6 Dream Team vs Norwest Tornadoes.  Lost: 2-1.

Wainui Year 7 Power vs Birkdale Intermediate.  Lost:3-2.  POD: Pearle Cameron.


Year 7 /8 Wainui vs Wentworth on 3rd August.  Won: 37-11.  POD: Izaih Brown
Year 7 /8 Wainui vs Mahurangi on 10th August.  Won: 23-7.  POD: Keelan Latham


“Brain Play coding, robotics, and 3d printing classes. After-school, weekend, and holiday courses. Holidays on sale now! Free trials available. Ages 5+. Email us for more information on info@brainplay.co.nz or see brainplay.co.nz.”

Hibiscus Coast AFC – We are running an invite a friend/come try football out night at Metro Park in Millwater on Friday the 14th. This is for girls turning 7 or 8 this year or who are in years 3 and 4 at school (so there maybe a few 9 year olds) This is an opportunity for the girls to give football a go and parents to see how we run football for the kids at this age as format for the night is how we normally do it for our 5th to 8th graders at the club…. that is except for the free food, Football Ferns, prizes and film crew that will be down there.

It would be fantastic if Wainui School were able to get a team/s of girls or any individual girl who would like to give football a go down at Metro park.  All they need is shin pads to play and boots if they have them, if not trainers will be fine.

Girls who are keen need to get their parents to register at https://hbcafc.org.nz/programme .

They can’t play without doing so as we need to be able to trace for Covid 19 and have their permission to film.   There is also limited space so if you can get parents to register early – HBCAFC Girls Night Under Lights v2

I have a number of boots and shin pads I can lend you for the night if you would like.

Waitakere BMX Club Open Day – Sunday the 20th September –  Waitakere BMX is hosting a Family Open Day from 10.30am through to 1.30pm. Come on down and give BMX a go in a fun and family-friendly environment.

Learn BMX Basics – Demos – Try the Gatesl – Our Burger Bar will be open.

Bring along your bike if you have one: BMX, Balance, Mountain … all welcome. Make sure you have appropriate protection: Long Pants, Long Top, Shoes, Full Fingered Gloves & a Helmet (preferably full face).

A limited number of Race Bikes & Full Face Helmets are available to try on the day – WTKBMX-OpenDay-2020-A5 (1)

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