Kia ora Koutou,

Amazing to think we at the end of Term 1, 2021!! What a term, two lockdowns, three starts to the term, 5 classes all relocated to either the new building or the refurbished rooms, we have managed to have leadership run activities with a Beach Day at school and a fabulous Easter House day. In sports, we had the Hibiscus Coast Inter-School Swimming Sports for Years 5-6 and the Kaipara Intermediate Schools Summer Sports day, swimming lessons at Northern Arena for the Years 5-8. Finishing the term with learning conversations and we are about to have Bike-a-thon!!

THIS WEEK – It is all about Bike-a-thon – Thank you everyone who has registered and got behind this wonderful first fundraiser.  A huge thank you to Mel Mayes, Leslie Ann Linn and Dee Robinson from the FOWS group for all your work getting the prizes and the stalls ready for Thursday.  What a wonderful way to end the term with raising funds for; keeping up levels of ICT (ipads, chromebooks, laptops, TV’s at the level we need for teaching today), for supporting the number of Teacher Aides we have, and to continue to support the goal of increasing the size of the junior playground.

Online sponsoring is scheduled to finish on Monday 19th April at 10am.  The actual prizegiving will be in the first week back of Term Two, Friday the 7th May at 9am to ensure we can be very clear on who are the winners and draw things fairly.  Well done to everyone signing up, we are thrilled with the response now.

It is not too late to sign up so maybe approach Grandma, Grandad and other family members to sponsor your child.

Please see update from FOWS.

What an AMAZING effort so far!! As I write this we have 205 students and $13,445 so far and just two days to go before Bike-a-thon. BUT don’t stop now because EVERY dollar counts and fundraising is still open as are registrations. So please if you haven’t registered yet – it’s not too late please do so from the link below – and if you have already registered keep sharing your child’s link and get those sponsorships coming in. For offline sponsorship – Cash sponsorship forms are still available at the office.  SIGN UP AT:  Click on the top right hand corner link ‘Fundraising Hub’ and follow the ‘Steps’ to register each child. *Note each child will need a different email address – and can use their individual Wainui School address’s if they want to. If you need any help email for direct assistance. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW:  The bike-a-thon schedule – here is the time schedule for the day so you can plan the best time to watch your child ride –  Bikeathon Timetable 2021.  FOOD AND COFFEE FOR SALE ON THE DAY – the amazing FOWS team will have a Sausage sizzle, COFFEE ALL DAY, muffins and slices, cold drinks and ice blocks to cool down those hot riders after their biking efforts – all food sales in cash.

Sausages in Bread $2
Cupcakes $2
Mini cupcakes / slices $1
Water – bottled $2
NZ Natural – Sparkling Flavours $2
Just Juice 50/50 – Small Juice Boxes $2
Mini Iceblocks $1
Juicies $2
Coffee $4

ONLINE SPONSORSHIP CLOSES – on Monday 19th April at 10am. All cash donations please take to the office by 3.30pm Friday 16th April. All prize winners will be presented at the assembly the first week of Term 2.  Again – a huge thank you to our Event sponsor SJA Honey, and our Gold sponsor Narallen Pools! Thanks to your sponsorship this year’s Bike-a-thon will be a SWEET success! Any other queries or help – please email Mel Mayes at

BIKE-A-THON BAKERS NEEDED!  If you can help by baking and donating a dozen (or more) cupcakes for the day – we would love to hear from you – or just bake/make them and send them in to school on the day. Mini cupcakes and slices welcome too! All baking donations go to the hall from 8am onwards on Thursday 15th April.  Please email Mel Mayes at to let me know if you can help or any  questions.

Parker and Michaela are already preparing for Bike-a-thon on Thursday by bringing his bike.

This week –  We farewell Miss Kyla Jackson, teacher of Pukatea class (Year 1 – junior school).  We wish Miss Jackson all the very best as she is taking up the position of Team Leader of the junior classes at Karamea Area School in the South Island. Thank you Miss Jackson for being with us over the last few years and we wish you all the very best for your next adventure.

Welcome – Mrs Sandy Tollemache, an experienced junior teacher who is delighted to join our school and the junior team. Mrs Tollemache has already been into the classes to work alongside the teachers and get to know our children. Mrs Tollemache will be starting at the beginning of Term 2 on Monday 3rd May.

School Counsellor – Did you know we have continued this year to have our counsellor, Tracey Munton who has become a wonderful addition to our Wainui family?  Tracy also offers a free session for parents after school on a Thursday (Bookings are essential).

Tena Koutou,

Introducing you to Tracy Munton, our School Counsellor who visits the school one day a week on a Thursday. Tracy was a schoolteacher and moved to counselling motivated by a desire to support people experiencing mental health difficulties.  The Counselling Room is a talking room where children are referred by staff or choose to visit to talk through life situations that become tricky. This service is a valuable addition to school life as it is recognised that mental health issues are on the rise and can often be reversed with early intervention. Children are supported to realise their strengths and values which drive their attitudes and behaviours.  If you would like to talk with Tracy about an issue or worry pertaining to your child, you can email her to make an appointment Likewise if your child is already visiting Tracy, you are welcome to begin some email dialogue (client confidentiality will be explained).


School Holidays – This will enable some special projects to be completed. Our school will have the administration area, my office, sickbay, small toilet, and DP/AP/SENCO office all painted.  New steps are going to be built between the hall and the junior block. Please be mindful of this work taking place if you come in to use the playground as builders and diggers will be on site.  The field will be grass seeded and carefully flattened, the last job to follow through from the drainage that was completed in the holidays. This should enable us to use the field most of the winter!! This will be wonderful for our growing school to have all this space most of the year.


ANZAC Day Commemoration – Sunday 25th April – On Sunday, the 25th of April, an ANZAC Day Commemoration will be held at the Upper Waiwera Cenotaph (705 Weranui Road) beginning at 2:30pm. This commemoration is open to the public and it would be great to see our school families in attendance. Wainui School has a close association with the service at the Upper Waiwera Cenotaph, having been involved for many years following the closure of Upper Waiwera School in the 1970’s. Many families at Wainui School, both past and present, have close connections to the cenotaph. On the conclusion of the service, a pipe band will lead the way to Maureen Patterson’s house, 1a McCathie Road, for a shared afternoon tea. If you intend attending the afternoon tea, it would be fantastic if you could provide a plate. If you have any questions, please direct them to

Friday 7th May – The official Opening of our New Building will be in the first week of Term 2 in the afternoon (2:00pm onwards). The Kiwi Team have this organised and has invited already a number of special people, from local politicians, Councillors, the Board of Trustees, the Ministry of Education property facilitators and the builders.


I have attached a link to the Orewa College newsletter with some very special stories of past students we know so well.  Congratulations Zach Noyes, Year 12, competed in his first road cycle race, the Tineli K1 Road Cycle Classic for completing an amazing cycle race last weekend.  Congratulations to Zac Browne Hale, Year 12 for the Cricket Hibiscus Coast club award and congratulations to Cole Davies, Year 9 for continuing to win in Motocross at the Interschool MX challenge in Rotorua. Cole won 85cc &150cc (12-16) and 2nd in 12-14yrs 125/250fcc.  All were at Wainui School leaving after Year 8, we are all so proud of you and love the stories.  Please click on the link or PDF below to enjoy this week’s edition of High Tide Newsletter/Tai Pari Niureta. Orewa College for details of these achievements.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 13th April – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 14th April – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Thursday 15th April – Bike-a-Thon Day.
  • Friday 16th April – Pukeko Assembly – 2.00pm.
  • Friday 16th April – End of Term 1.
  • Sunday 25th April – ANZAC Day Commemoration held at the Upper Waiwera Cenotaph (705 Weranui Road) beginning at 2:30 pm.
  • Monday 3rd May – First Day of Term 2
  • Thursday 13th May – School Photos
  • Tuesday 18th May – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 19th May – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Monday 31st May – Wednesday 2nd June – Takahe Team Camp – Shakespeare Park
  • Friday 4th June – Teachers Only Day (No School Today)
  • Tuesday 15th June – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 16th June – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm


Library Books – As we are nearing the end of term, could all students please return their books to the school library by Thursday of this week (15th April), this helps us to ensure that our books are all back on the shelf and ready for borrowing next term. The library will be closed for class visits from tomorrow until the end of term, but students are able to return their books to the return box in the library in their break times.

Thinking Caps – See attached


Inspire Health and Wellness – Fun, local interactive workshops for kids to learn resilience.  More details at this link

Hibiscus Coast AFC – Football for 5 & 6 year olds and 7 & 8 year olds – see attached flyers

Kelly Sports – See attached flyer for Term 2 information

“Brain Play coding, robotics, 3d printing and STEM classes. Holiday programs currently for $60 per day. Free trials available. Ages 5+. Email us for more information on or see”

Kiwi North Holiday Programmes – See attached flyer