Friday 22nd May, 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers

COVID 19 Level 2  Update end of week! We made it through Week one post COVID Lockdown!

We have had a great start within school to working within these guidelines. Children are arriving respecting the need to keep hand sanitising at the start of the day and throughout the day and having a different timetable to ensure we can play with enough space.  

PLEASE PARENTS RESPECT our restrictions and do not enter the school grounds without CONTACTING THE SCHOOL at the gate. The school gate will now be closed from 9:00am – 2:30pm. 

School Hours are 9:00am – 3:00pm
Unless it is an emergency all children are expected to be at school within these hours.

The number of parents arriving unannounced at various times within these hours to take children is adding an unreasonable burden of work to our support staff as they need to find and collect the child, deliver them safely to the gate and sometimes wait with them. 

Buses and Pick Up
This has certainly improved over the week!! Well done everyone, the hardest challenge for us is getting the first bus, the big bus, around the roundabout and in a place that cars can get past and children get into safely. 

We are aiming to get the pack up and pick up as close to 3:00pm as possible next week. We will not be coming down until 2:55pm as the children and teachers are now in their lines and have the routine very well sorted. 

Please be careful at the bottom carpark surnames (M-Z), keep to one line and be mindful of all adults and children in the area.

Yes it could be raining next week (as much as everyone needs some rain!!) it has been great this week to have the sun and dry weather. After school pick up and rain will be more difficult but we will cope by:

  1. Parents, ensuring your child/ children have a raincoat and teachers ensuring they put them on.
  2. Bus children will go to the hall to line up.
  3. Bottom car park will have a gazebo/s for shelter.
  4. Top roundabout we do have the bus shelter and the decks we may put up another shelter as well.

Patience will be needed even more!!

Have a great weekend everyone I am sure your child/ children is rather tired after their first week back in the level 2 restrictions!!

Ka kite ano,
Gillian Bray