Kia ora Koutou,

By the time you read this newsletter “The Tokyo Olympics” will be finished, despite many people the world over having misgivings, not only about COVID-19 but the lack of spectators, we have witnessed phenomenal achievements and perhaps more than anything this event has shown how we adapt as people, take challenges and turn these into opportunities. Above all, we need to connect as people and this has certainly shown the world we can, and do connect, in so many positive ways. It has been amazing to watch athletes in sports that we know little about.  For me it was the modern pentathlon’. It was great to see that local athletes can aim high and can get there!!

Friday night saw us all celebrating at the OLYMPIC Disco.  Thank you Mr Irvine for all your organisation, what an amazing turnout with awesome costumes. All the funds raised are going towards the Year 8 Graduation at the end of the year.


Takahe Team (Year 7 & 8’s) visited MOTAT as a part of their EOTC (Education outside the classroom) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths.  It is amazing what is offered at MOTAT now – robotics, design, thinking etc. It was an amazing day of fun and learning. Each group had the opportunity to take part in coding robots to wrestle each other, having a look at all the MOTAT exhibits and enjoying a tram ride. Here are some photos of our day.


Learning Conversations – This is the key focus this week. You can still make time to have a conversation so please follow the link to Student Interviews – and enter the Event Code: TFFNX. These interviews will enable you to discuss the new mid-year report and understand better the new format as well as review the goals made in Term one, or indeed anything else you wish to discuss. There are held over 3 nights, so please make a time if you haven’t already done so.   We are also happy to accommodate you at another time if this suits you.

Term 3 Fundraiser – Whittakers Chocolate – This is a great way to support the school if you have been able to do so before, or continue to of course  (especially if you love chocolate!!).  If you do not wish to participate, this is also okay. Please see the details below, and a huge thank you to Tanya Ledger (FOWS member) for taking on this delicious project.

Sir Ian Taylor –  “Innovative of the Year 1990, Knighted 2021″ – Director of Animation Research –  Sir Ian’s company provides the graphics for America’s Cup and for sports fixtures across several countries. Inspirational speaker at The NZPF Principals Conference that I attended last week.  We are the envy of schools across the country whose principals heard the same message!! Lucky for our students, Sir Ian will be at school this Thursday to speak and present to us all his gift based on  to our Year 5 – 8 students. Our students will Powhiri Sir Ian and welcome him into our school. A very exciting opportunity for us all.

Measles –  This is still in our community so please be aware of this.

Mud –  This is also still in our community!! It would be helpful if you could ensure your child has a change of clothes if you know they like to be in mud!!  This is mainly the younger ones. The office tells me they have run out of spare clothes and we do not have plastic bags anymore as they are very rare.

Next WeekCross CountryTuesday 17th August –  Please click on this link for times and what to bring on the day – Cross Country Letter 2021(1).  A sausage sizzle will also be for sale.  A separate post will come out about this later in the week.

FINALLY – We are completing all mid-year reviews as a Board of Trustees. Today Mel Ludwig, Lindsay Ledger (BOT Finance) and I finished the finance review with the Accountant.  All is on track, but it would be really helpful if you have outstanding Year 7 & 8 camp contributions or could contribute the school donation.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray


  • Tuesday 10th August – Schoolwide Maths Competition – 9.10am – 10.10am
  • Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th August – Learning Conversations – 3.00 – 6.00pm
  • Friday 13th August – Whittakers’ Chocolate fundraiser coming home – Yum!
  • Tuesday 17th August – School Cross Country
  • Thursday 19th August – Tech Challenge – Orewa College
  • Thursday 19th August – Year 5/6 Boys and Girls Hockey Interschool Competition – Metro Park
  • Friday 20th August – Pukeko Team Assembly – 2.00pm
  • Wednesday 25th August – Takahe Team – Interschool Cross Country – Muriwai
  • Thursday 26th August – Otago Problem Solving Challenge
  • Friday 27th August – Daffodil Day and Sausage Sizzle
  • Tuesday 31st August – Asia Experience Day – Takahe Team
  • Friday 3rd September – Assembly – Takahe Team
  • Thursday 9th September – Immunisation – Years 7 & 8
  • Wednesday 15th September – FOWS Meeting – 7.00pm – Staffroom
  • Friday 17th September – Tui Team Assembly
  • Wednesday 29th September – Year 3 & 4 Production
  • Tuesday 28th September – BOT Meeting – 6.30pm – Staffroom
  • Thursday 30th September – Young Farmer
  • Friday 1st October – End of Term 3
  • Monday 18th October – First day of Term 4


Whittakers Chocolates – Wooohooo! Our chocolates have arrived and the fundraiser starts this Friday 13th August! The eldest/only child at Wainui School will receive their fundraiser box by the end of Friday from their teachers to bring home and sell. With 5 awesomely delicious flavours there are 36 slabs in a box and are $2.00 each. All instructions are included in the box and more boxes to sell if you run out. Our prizes this year include top seller and runner up prizes, random draws for any box sold, spot prizes over the 3 weeks and the house that raises the most gets extra play time and ice blocks! This is all made possible by our wonderful sponsor Simone du Bernard at Harcourts!! Any questions please email FOWs –

Update # 6

Ag Day – Friday 22nd October – This year 45 chicks have been ordered with their hatch date being August 18th. For the collection of these chicks next week, please ensure you come prepared with a lidded box lined with an old towel. It is essential that the chicks are kept warm. If you have not already done so, please contact Mel in the office to pay for your chicks.  Chicks are $10.00 each.  Also available at the office, is a “Chick Rearing” information sheet.


Ag Day Animals – I’m sure many of you will have your Ag day animals already but you have until 15th September (this is the last date for them to be born) to get your kid goat, lamb or calf for this year.

Ag Day Animals at school – If you need to bring your pet lamb or kid to school for their lunchtime feed, please contact us at school first. It is vital that this is arranged prior to animals coming to school, so the necessary areas / pens can be organised for them. The following information is taken from our Ag Day information booklet.

Wainui School Ag Day General Rules

4. Lambs and goats may be brought to school while needing their lunch time feed (from 1 to 6 weeks of age). From 6 weeks on the lambs / goats need to stay at
home.  In line with our Wainui School Health and Safety / Animal Ethics policy: “Any animals at school must receive:

● suitable and adequate food and water
● shelter
● appropriate handling
● the opportunity to behave normally
● protection from injury and disease.”

Parents must ensure an adequate enclosure is provided at school. Lambs / goats must not be tethered. Lambs and goats DO provide a distraction and safety issue on the bus, so please bring them by car. Hopefully this provides clarification for you all.

Thinking Caps – Please see attached

Garden to Table – Last Wednesday was the beginning of the Garden to Table and Intermediate Technology programme for Term 3. It was fantastic to observe the students engaged in all of their learning experiences. The year 7 and 8’s have the opportunity this term to choose their activities based on their areas of passion. Here are some photos of the year 7 and 8’s making solar-powered phone chargers and sketching out their mural designs.


email your sports results to Mrs Elliott in the office, 


Wainui Yr 1 Sapphires vs Bayfield Starfish won 12-2.  POD: Poppy Mexted & O’Rylee Greening

Wainui Yr  2/3 Asteroids. Lost: 5-0 POD Karla Vorster

Wainui Yr 4 Galaxy vs Willow Park Steel.  Won: 2-0.  POD’s: Arielle Oswald and Shaleni Sivakumaran

Wainui Yr 6 Jets vs Torbay Queens.  Won: 20-5. (Results for last week) Wainui Jets vs Marina View /1.  Won: 11-8. (this week’s results)

Wainui Yr 6 Gems vs Marina Views/ 2. Lost: 1 – 5.

Wainui Yr 7 vs Mahurangi.  Won: 21 – 6.

Wainui Year 8 vs Mahurangi Yr 8. Won 27 – 23.


Wainui Yr 3/4 Wizards vs Waitoki.  Lost: 6-2.

Wainui Yr 5/6 Blue Sticks vs vs Norwest Torpedoes. Won: 4-0.  POD: Caelan MacBride


Wainui Yr 5/6 Boys Basketball vs Kingsway Blast. LOST: 8-11 MVP: Lachie Hendrie


At the last assembly, the following students received certificates for “Respect”.

  •  Puriri: Cooper Semenoff (Resepct), Evianna Kadlec (Respect) and Elea Johnson (Resepct)
  •  Rata:Karlo Baulcomb (Respect), Brody Kerr (Respect) and Ryder Gerrand (Resourceful).
  •  Kohekohe: Skylah Sweetman-Jones (Respect), Aleigha Ritchie (Respect) and Parker Maunsell (Resourceful)
  •  Pukatea: Harley Gaitau (Respect), Helena Mloda (Respect) and O’Rylww Greening (Respect)
  •  Karaka: Kyla Erasmus (Respect), Oliver Todd (Respect) and Zain Ouzoun (Resilience)
  •  Pohutakawa: Hunter Stevenson (Respect), Scarlett Thew (Respect) and Kayami Atkinson (Respect).
  •  Koromiko: Kauri Herbert (Respect), Taylah Hadley (Respect) and Kieran Miners (Respect).
  •  Kawakawa: Jakob Raikes (Respect), Charlotte Gooding (Respect) and James Pallatt (Resilience).
  •  Nikau: Riana Bouzaid (Respect), Ayla Lodge(Respect) and Lachlan Raikes (Respect)
  •  Totara: Milly =Dixon (Respect), Tamati Bayer (Respect) and Kefir Smith (Respect).
  •  Matai: Felix Sweetman-Jones (Respect), Michaela Van Den Bos (Respect) and Cooper Russell (Respect).
  •  Rimu: Zoe Thompson (Respect) and Caitlin Bailey (Respect).
  •  Kahikatea: Azaria Allen (Respect) and Zane Austin (Respect).
  •  Kauri: Jurgen Bezuidenhout (Respect), Reghan Portig (Respect) and Riley Purdie (Resourceful).

Our amazing Hellyer Cup Winners were Joel Van Heerden (Pohutukawa), Eve Robinson (Koromiko) and Sophie Scott (Kawakawa).