Kia ora Koutou,

Yesterday’s news came as a great relief to most of us. As you know, the recent response to the Delta variant happened quickly – but it’s been effective.  There have been high volumes of testing for COVID-19 in the community and extensive wastewater testing, as well as huge numbers of New Zealanders being vaccinated (more than three million people have now received their first dose) – not to mention an amazing response by New Zealanders to follow the rules at Alert Level 4.

A wide net has also been cast around confirmed cases, as we saw yesterday afternoon when it was announced that a Section 70 notice will be placed around the affected Hauraki community south of Auckland.  All of this has given the Government confidence that it is safe for Auckland to move to Alert Level 3 at 11:59pm on Tuesday 21st September. Alert Level 3 will be in place for a further two weeks, with a review on Monday 4th October.  The rest of New Zealand will remain in Alert Level 2.

As the Prime Minister said, thank you for acting quickly and for your perseverance. While there is a little relief at Alert Level 3, you’ll need to keep it up a little longer.  There are still strict rules in place that will help us to contain the virus and there are additional requirements regarding the use of face coverings in secondary school settings.

Auckland schools and kura, are able to open on Wednesday 22nd September for those students who need to attend.  We currently have three bubbles of students starting Wednesday with two teachers per bubble, plus myself and Mr. Bray on site most of the time for health and safety and school management. This is school guided by all the procedures and regulations and we have been advised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Health and it is to ensure the least numbers of people are in contact and that people are easily traceable if there was to be an outbreak.

  1. Bubbles of a maximum of 10 children.
  2. Two teachers per bubble.
  3. Children are in family groups within the bubbles.
  4. Drop and Go and Pick up and Go, Parents/ caregivers are to stay in cars and wait unless it is an emergency or prior arranged.
  5. Buses are running but with modified runs according to who needs to catch the bus. All bus changes, additions etc must be sent to Mel Ludwig, email: before 1pm each day.
  6. Face masks are not required to be worn by any child at primary school.
  7. The gate will be closed throughout the day.
  8. There is no office staff on-site, so changing pick-up times, etc is not encouraged.
  9. Children will have 4 breaks.
  10. School playgrounds are closed under Level 3.
  11. The MOE’s guidelines say there is to be no singing, shouting, or dancing inside in Level 3.
  12. Distancing of one metre inside and 2 metres outside is advised by the MOE, this will be encouraged, but often difficult with children.
  13. Please talk to your child, reassure them before they come back as it has been a long time at home. School is still the same but does have these changes to be aware of.

Above all, we will continue to stay safe while we are in Level 3 and we are very much looking forward to the freedom of Level 2.

Planning Ahead – The teachers, the Board and the FOWS groups are all planning ahead for Term 4 to be at least in Level 2.  I want to thank everyone for their commitment and energy in wanting this to happen. Term 4 is always our community term and our fun term and yes we will, and always have been very focused on the learning, especially as the school has been operating from a distance for so long. We are still very committed to:

Ag Day and Country Fair  – Many of you have been raising your animals and chickens in anticipation of this traditional rural day and we are determined this will happen and can modify this day, depending on the level. We are hoping for Level 2 if not 1.

Ag Day is going ahead as planned!!!  Your friendly Friends of Wainui School (FOWS) team, along with the school have put together a bundle of information in a booklet, so that all our new and old families have an idea of what the day entails.  All of the information in this booklet is available on our school website. Once we’re back on site a copy can also be picked up from the office. Please register your animal by using the online google form.  We have tried to cover off as many things as we can think of, but if we have left anything out please let us know by contacting

Please note that the information which is set out in this booklet is subject to change depending on the Covid-19 Alert Level we’re in at the time of Ag Day. A week out from Ag Day we will be reviewing how Ag Day will work depending on the Covid-19 Alert Level. If we’re at Alert Level One, Ag Day will run as set out in this booklet. If we’re not in Alert Level One then we will have to make adjustments to how the day will run and we will update you at that time.

Tui Team Camp – Carey Park – November 15th-17th – This can go ahead in Level 2. Mrs. Blackburn and her team are preparing for this to go ahead in Level 2 or 1.  The first requirement we have from the Tui Team parents is to give us a commitment that this is something you as parents would like to see proceed. Camp also relies on a heavy parent commitment in terms of financially, parents attending as volunteers, 15 at least are needed.  Please ensure you have filled out the pre-camp questionnaire the link which has been emailed to you and is here as well –

Calendar  Production – Calendars will go ahead this year.  Our wonderful FOWS team member, Mel Mayes will be photographing our Ag Day exhibits to be the calendar art exhibit!  Thank you so very much Mel.  Please watch for these to come out as they make wonderful Christmas presents for family and friends.

Christmas in the Country  – This will happen!  It may have the stalls and enterprise projects included if Ag Day can’t go ahead.


Thank you everyone for the part you have played in our Lockdown Level 4 learning journey. Many parents have done so much with their children. The teachers can’t thank you enough for your support, especially the junior parents who have to physically help children every day get online and to engage in the ZOOM session. It has been challenging, it has been tiring, but it has also been amazing to see what we can do and how resilient we are. I have been a part of ZOOM sessions with hundreds of principals from all over Auckland to support us all in this journey. I have received messages of support from friends and colleagues in other areas of New Zealand that are now in Level 2. There will be a full reflection country-wide to see what we can do for the future, but for now, just take small steps to get to the end of term.

Ka kite ano,

Gillian Bray

Wainui School Summer Football Registration 2021 – Season Starts Term 4- 1st November-13th December.  Played at Stanmore Bay Reserve on Monday Nights 4pm – 7pm

Years 0 & 2, 3 & 4 play 5aside mixed from 4pm-5pm

Years 5 & 6, 7 & 8 play 7aside mixed from 5pm-7pm

If you would like to play Summer Football for Wainui School, please sign up through the Registration form- link below and see flyer.  Registration closes 22nd October.  If you have any questions please get in touch with Mrs Halena Howard, Sports Coordinator-

Summer Football Registration Form –

North Harbour Netball Results  – Summary of the Netball competition for Year 7 & Year 8.

The Year 7 team came 2nd in their grade.
The Year 8 team came 1st in their grade.

The Year 7 netball teams, after grading was finished, were put into a table of 8 teams. In the first round the teams played the other 7 teams, after which they were then put into 2 different grades. One grade was Flight and one grade was Championship.  Our team was at the bottom of the table when we began but by the time we had finished the first round the girls had moved up from the bottom to third place and then into Championship. 1 round in and the team was coming third.  The next game we moved into 2nd place and received the Silver medal.

The Year 8 team had a bit of a shaky start and lost their second game putting them in 5th rank. After grading the teams were put into their qualifying position and our team was in the Championship. The Year 8 team went on to win every game including winning the 2 tournaments they entered and have brought home the Gold medal.

Lockdown Tips for the Wainui School Whanau – Talks about lockdown tips for parents and there is some very useful information.


  • Wednesday 22nd September Level 3 School open for Children that need to come.
  • Wednesday 29th September – Year 3 & 4 Production – Cancelled 
  • Tuesday 28th September – BOT Meeting – 6.30pm –  Zoom
  • Thursday 30th September – Young Farmer – POSTPONED
  • Friday 1st October – End of Term 3
  • Monday 18th October – First day of Term 4
  • Wednesday 20th October  – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Friday 22nd October – Ag Day
  • Monday 25th October  – Labour Day – PUBLIC HOLIDAY (No School Today)
  • Tuesday 26th October – BOT Meeting – Staffroom – 6.30pm
  • Monday 1st November – Takahe Team – EOTC Trip to Goat Island
  • Friday 5th November – Group Day
  • Tuesday 9th November – Senior School Athletics Day at school
  • Monday 15th November – Kaipara Schools Athletics Day
  • Monday 15th – Wednesday 17th November – Year 5 & 6 Camp
  • Wednesday 24th November – FOWS Meeting – Staffroom – 7.00pm
  • Tuesday 30th November – Graduation Dinner for Year 8
  • Thursday 9th December – Christmas in the Country
  • Friday 10th December  – Winter, Spring & Summer Sports Prizegiving – TBC.
  • Tuesday 14th December – Wainui School Prizegiving
  • Wednesday 15th December – Last day of school for 2021!
  • Thursday 16th December – Teachers Only Day


Orewa Surf Club – It’s time to join your local Surf Life Saving Club at the most family friendly beach on the coast – Orewa!  Our Jr training program will be starting from Sunday 31 Oct – with Covid Level 1 & 2 protocols in place, we are ready to go. You must be a fully registered member to participate at a Covid Level 2. So get your enrolments completed by no later than 17th October to ensure your family is ready to hit the beach.

For more information about our program:

To enrol now:

Open day to meet the Orewa Surf Club Team and ask any questions: Sunday 17th Oct , 10am-12pm.

Brain Play –  Is offering 1 & 2 hour online science & tech classes these school holidays! Prices start at $10.00 and topics covered include coding, 3D printing, game design, Minecraft (first lesson free), and more. Ages 5 – 13. Check out our timetable for more information –